Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Recap: Father's Day 2014

How is it Monday already? I don't dread Monday's by any means.  It was just one of those really great weekends that I didn't want to end.

Friday the boys and I were in Decatur.  We had Beau's well-baby check (18 months, although he's 19) and then we were driving back.  We got home around 5:30 and the boys and I were super hungry! PTL Andrew had dinner waiting for us which was awesome! Even though we were only away for one night we had missed him so much! I will never tire of seeing how much my boys love their daddy!

After the boys went to bed, I opened all the packages that had arrived for the baby's room.  Andrew had painted while we were away and I loved the color so much.  It felt really cozy.  He worked on putting the crib together while I unpacked and did some laundry.  What a crazy Friday night, huh?

Saturday started early.  Our sweet Beau has started this darling little habit that, on some days, upon waking up, he stands up in his crib and shouts, "Mama!" repeatedly with just a slight pause between.

I have never watched this show but the clip pretty much sums up my wake-up call! Ha!

We had no official plans this weekend.  We wanted to get some more done with the nursery; the lawn needed mowing; we need a grocery store run; laundry (does it ever end??).  What is crazy is that I have come to love these weekends.  Weekends with no real plans except just being around the house and doing what needs to be done all while soaking up time with our boys.  They went with me to the store and then in between me doing chores, we were outside for the majority of the morning.  Bubbles and ride on toys.  Some neighbor friends came over to play.  It is so fun to be their mommy.  To watch them enjoy life.  

We had really great weather on Saturday.  It was actually cool early on in the morning and was supposed to be a cool evening.  Andrew had talked about camping out for awhile and we decided there probably wouldn't be another weekend with such great weather.  

After dinner, we bathed the boys (because even if you sleep outside I still don't want you to go to bed with all the day's dirt on you) and went outside to start a fire.  The boys loved it! We made s'mores. The tent was set up which they thought was coolest.  After awhile, I went in to put Beau to bed.  The camp out was just going to be for our big.  We knew Beau wouldn't miss it and also knew Hudson relishes one on one time.  

He and Andrew went to rent a new (to him) movie.  They had their movie and big boy snacks and flashlights.  I did what any right minded mama would do with a night in to herself.  Once Beau was asleep, I enjoyed a nice long shower and got into bed to snuggle in and read. It. Was. Glorious! 

Sunday I woke up before the {big} boys and Beau and I got started on breakfast.  I hope Andrew feels loved and appreciated every day  by us but wanted to spoil him on Father's Day.  I know how blessed we are to have him as the head of our home.  Beau and I made bacon and pancakes and set out his gift and cards. Just as I was finishing, he and Hudson came in.  Excuse the poor quality iPhone photos, but this was our morning.

Check out that sweet card Hudson picked out.  It popped up and everything. :) 

We readied for church and then went on our way.  

After church we had lunch and our boys went down for nap.  ALL my boys! Andrew must not have slept super great at the camp out because he napped the entire time the boys did!! We played outside after naps for awhile and then headed off to dinner. Dad's choice= Buffalo Wild Wings.  He loves that place but I think a HUGE reason why is because it's noisy enough that our kids don't have to be super quiet and that the kids eat well there so he can actually enjoy his meal. ;)

We didn't get back home until after the boys' typical bed time so it was baths and stories and bed for them.  Andrew gifted himself Lone Survivor and set up on the couch to watch it.  I missed the very beginning and it wasn't really the feel good movie I would've picked on Father's Day but I do respect the story behind the movie.  We are forever grateful to the men and women who serve our country in this house and so it was a good reminder how blessed we are for those willing to sacrifice.

And that was our weekend.  Simple but filled with fun and family time.  Next weekend should be wonderful as well.  Andrew and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary with a long weekend away, kid-free! I can't wait!


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  1. Aww what a great weekend! :) Love everything y'all did for your hubby for Father's Day. And I totally do laundry on Friday nights too sometimes. This is the first Friday we have had plans for in a while.


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