Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! My big two had a sleepover with Gammy and are having a day of fun so I am being uber productive..or at least that's the plan!

{O N E}
Teaser ALERT! Hudson and Beau have been sharing a room for about a year now.  A couple of months ago, we got up one morning to go to church and Andrew ran smack into Beau.  Because he was up.  Because he had climbed out of his crib! {Not good.} So we got the boys twin beds {Hudson's original big boy bed was a full size} and I have been pouring over shared big boy room ideas since.  I FINALLY found something I liked that would work with a lot of their current decor plus bedding but no headboards.  So Andrew and I built them one evening.  Yes-- one evening! I'll post next week the tutorial and room reveal!

{T W O}
Starting in December I noticed that my face seemed to be breaking out for no rhyme or reason.  For me, this is highly unusual.  I never struggled with acne or breakouts, hadn't changed my diet or my skin routine and was stumped as to what to do.  Fast forward to now, I wasn't seeing my skin get any better so I made me first ever appointment with the dermatologist.  Apparently, being pregnant and/or nursing for the past 5 years did a number on me and my skin and oh yeah, I'm old now.

Anyway- I have been using Cera Ve products as my body lotion for awhile now and LOVE IT! I use it on my boys' insanely dry, sensitive skin too.  My dermatologist introduced me to their facial line.  Y'all, check it out! They have a daytime and nighttime moisturizer and a facial cleanser.

{T H R E E}
I love these shorts! I feel like you can dress them up or down.  They come in so many colors and patterns! I am updating my summer wardrobe since I got rid of a lot when I first lost weight, and then got pregnant the following summer.  My wardrobe is in major need of an overhaul. 

{F O U R}
This is a Friday un-favorite. If you haven't watched last night's Grey's scroll on down.  I have been a faithful Grey's watcher from day one.  That's a lot of life invested into a show.  Like 10 seasons or something.  I have put up with some of my favorites being taken: Lexi, McSteamy, even Cristina.  But Derek?? McDreamy?? Really, Shonda?? I just don't really know where you are going to go from here.  Not cool.  

{F I V E}
I re-started one of my favorite workouts this week, P90x3. I did this workout last year right when I found out I was pregnant.  It is intense and effective and I love that it is 30 minutes! I really need to tone up my midsection and get ready for summer since we have a beach vacation coming up.  This is doing it! Down 4 pounds already this week! Wahoo for progress!

Have a great Friday and awesome weekend!

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