Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Peace out, diapers!

As much as I wish I was saying good-bye to ALL diapers, that is not my reality.  But two in diapers? That nonsense had to stop.

Hudson potty trained right after his second birthday.  He had all kinds of signs that he was ready plus he was waking up in the morning with a dry diaper.  DRY, people!!! Within just a week he was fully trained and we were back to just one in diapers.

When Beau turned two, there was no way I was about to tackle potty training him. Gabe was just a couple of months old, we had just moved and there weren't any real concrete signs that he was ready.  I knew that pushing him to do something when he wasn't ready would only make it a nightmare for me and a very not fun environment for everyone else.

I wasn't really sure when we would start potty training Beau but he started to show some signs and I thought, "now or never".

The Tuesday after Easter is when I decided to begin.  Why Tuesday and not Monday? I don't really know. But, Tuesday is a preschool day which means our mornings are hectic and Andrew left that morning to go out of town.  So my timing could not have been worse better! Ha!

I know there are a lot of theories and ways to potty train.  For me, once we decide to ditch the diapers, they are gone.  It is right into underwear full time.  No pull-ups, diapers, nothing! 

The first day (or two depending on how it goes) I set up camp on our hardwood with the little potty. I have all kinds of activities to keep Beau occupied in there and he is in his underwear. (Hudson we trained pantless the first day and that worked like a charm!) I gave Beau tons of liquids to make sure there were ample opportunities to use the potty.  I set the timer and every 15 minutes we took a break to try to potty.  

The kid did great! The first two days there were only two accidents--both when I went to feed Gabe and put him down.  

He only woke up wet once that first week and has only had one nighttime accident since. (I attribute that to us eating dinner much later and him have fluids much closer to bedtime). 

We have had an accident or two in the weeks since our training week but I feel like Beau is officially trained! It feels great to have only one in diapers.  

When did you potty train your kiddos? What methods worked for you? 

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  1. Oh man potty training! Want to come potty train my kiddos?


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