Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Big Boy Room Redo

Last week, I gave a little teaser about re-doing our big boys room. Today, I want to share that room, and our DIY headboard's with you.

Before the redo, Beau and Hudson shared a room with Hudson in his full size bed and Beau in his crib.  When we  moved them in together, Hudson's room had a sport's theme and Beau's bedding was simple so we just meshed those two together knowing we would make some adjustments when Beau got out of his crib.

These pictures our from our old house when we first moved their things in together.

In November, we moved back to our home town and into a home that is a three bedroom with a fourth bedroom option in the basement.  Since our boys are so little, the basement bedroom is not something we are using as a bedroom right now, thus, Hudson and Beau are sharing.  

Around the beginning of March, Beau started climbing out of his crib.  We knew that the crib days were over.  Andrew and I went back and forth about what to do.  We weren't sure if we wanted to do bunk beds or two twins.  I don't really love bunk beds and the ones I did like were ridiculously expensive.  I decided on doing two twin beds.  Once we moved those in, I probably had Andrew re-arrange the room at least 10 times.  I just was having trouble finding a configuration I liked that left room for the boys to play in their room if they wanted.  

I scoured Pinterest looking for arrangements.  We were not going to really change their room's theme.  We had decor that we liked.  We did need new bedding.  And I did want to add a few more personal touches.  And of course, headboards.  But like the bunk bed search, I couldn't find a headboard I loved that wasn't expensive.  

Pinterest to the rescue again! I found a couple of options for DIY headboards.  I looked at the tutorials, showed them to Andrew and we came up with a plan to make our boys. 

We decided that we wanted an inch added to either side of the bed so that when the bed was made the headboard would extend to the edge of the comforter on either side.  We also measured from the floor up and decided on a height.  I had the bed made and knew I wanted quite a high headboard so that it was visible above the bed when made with pillows. 

After we got the measurements, Andrew went to get the lumber. It was about $100 for the lumber, nails, screws and stain that we would use for both beds.  Once we put the boys to bed, we set out to work. 

I would say that Andrew followed this plan the closest.  We did make a few changes.
**We used only 1x6 boards.
**We used a spacer between the 1x6 to give it a different look. 
**We made a frame before laying the 1x6s.
     Basically we laid the 1x6x50's out to the width we wanted and attached a board near the base to          hold the 1x6x50s in place. 
**On the frame, we laid the 1x6s and used an air nailer to drive the nail through the front of the board     into the frame.  
**Once built, we detached the stabilizing board at the bottom.
**I filled the nail holes with wood filler, let it dry, then sanded and wiped down before staining.

The entire project for TWO headboards took about three hours {that includes cutting, assembling and staining}. 

The next day we attached the headboards to the boys' beds.  We added some new decor, hung their curtains {FINALLY!} and called it a day! We LOVE how their room turned out.

I am thrilled to have their room complete.  I still would like to add something either over their headboards or over the dresser.  There is a lot of dead space there.  I've thought of adding a photo of each of the boys above their beds in black and white.  Across from their beds they have a collage of wooden sports signs {below} so I feel like it needs to have a more personal element. 

What would you do?

Dresser: given to us, painted and updated knobs
Boys' bedding: Bed, Bath and Beyond
Metal Initial Letters: Hobby Lobby
Basket with baseballs: Hobby Lobby
Curtains: Target

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