Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend went by so quickly! It was a really full, FUN weekend. Those always go too fast!

Andrew and I were going to go on a little date since he had been out of town all week but that plan fell through.  We ended up spending some time with the boys outside.  It had been really crummy weather all week and still was but our boys needed some fresh air.  So between dinner and baths we cruised around in the drive way!

I seriously die over how silly and different each of my boys are!

After we put the boys to bed, Andrew and I watched Whiplash.  Have y'all seen it? It has some pretty intense language but I really liked the story.  If you've seen it, I want to know you're thoughts on the ending. 

I knew Saturday was going to be a busy day so I woke up early and got my work out in.  Officially completing week 1 of p90x3.  I am not an early morning workout girl but once I got started I felt really good. 

Since everyone was still sleeping I went ahead and got a few chores done and made the boys blueberry muffins and Andrew and I some eggs with spinach and turkey. 

After breakfast, I did a few more chores and then got myself ready.  Saturday was Super Saturday in Beachbody world.  Every quarter we get together with other local coaches to grow and learn.  I absolutely love these days.  I met with some of my local team and friends and we carpooled over to the event. It definitely didn't disappoint. 

After the event, I stopped by home to check in with my boys.  They were still in their pjs and were playing super heroes with Andrew. Ha! They love "guys days" and I love watching Andrew be a great dad to all three.  I know how blessed I am that he loves spending time with our kids and can totally rock the day even if I'm gone! I helped him prep some dinner and then headed out again.

A friend of mine was having a girls' night at her house.  I can't remember a night where I have laughed so hard in a really long time.  I was reminded of how blessed I am to have Godly women in my life.  I am so thankful for the strong women in my life.  Apparently there were photos taken on Snapchat (?). Call me old but I am not on that site. So I have nothing to show for the evening. 

Sunday mornings are always busy.  With five people needing breakfast and to get ready for church we don't have to rush too much but it is still a little hectic.  

I am in charge of teaching the preschool room at our church so I got there to get things ready.  We were talking about Heaven this week and there is nothing more beautiful than watching the eyes' of my kiddos "get it" when we talk about who Jesus is! <3

After church a big group of us headed to Mexican.  There were 14 adults, our three boys, and 4 other kiddos. You'd think that would be a disaster but they all did SO GOOD!! We love our Sunday lunch tradition.  And actually, I think our boys love it the most because they are always asking everyone where we are going after church.  I think they help get the ball rolling most weeks! Ha!

Stole this from my sweet friend Tessa. Her hubby (Hud's Godfather)

When we got home the boys went down for nap and this mama made a quick run to the grocery store.  When I got home I put groceries away and got things all prepped while Andrew mowed.  Then we took the boys outside to play awhile before dinner.  

Still stuffed from lunch, I cleaned up the kitchen and then left Andrew with the boys and went on a run.  It was such a beautiful day (FINALLY!) and wanted to make the most of it! 

4.5 miles complete

I got home and Andrew and I switched.  He went for a long run and I snuggled with the boys and then put them to bed.

It was another great weekend here! It reminded me of all I have to be thankful for!

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