Thursday, November 7, 2013

Five on Friday

It has been such a week with Beau cutting more teeth but we managed to get everything as prepped as possible before heading back to our hometown to celebrate Beau's 1st birthday with our family and friends.  So I thought I'd do a birthday theme today.


I love parties with all the little details that work together to make the entire party special.  I knew the theme I wanted this year and when I found this shop on Etsy it had the perfect party pack that captured my vision.  If you are planning a kid's party, definitely check out Lauren Haddox Design.  Her items are darling

I really like to make some of the treats that will be served during the party.  Not all of them, LAWD NO! I delegate some things out for sure but I love making some things.  This year we decided to have Beau's smash cake made and I decided to do the cupcakes.  PTL I discovered the bundt cakes over at MMM. I have made different versions for several get togethers so I picked two flavors to make into cupcakes for the party.  I will have to think long and hard about which flavor to indulge in this weekend! 

Continuing on with food, do y'all plan your food around your child's theme? We sure do.  I love making everything go together but this year was a little trickier.  I am not sure if it all quite goes together.  We will see Saturday!

Hudson's birthday is in February, the beginning.  I feel like we are still coming down from Christmas when his birthday rolls around and when his first birthday rolled around. We ended up getting him something he could use forever and to serve as a focal point for gift opening at his party.  Beau's birthday, now a month before Christmas, we are using the same logic.  Enter Pottery Barn anywhere chairs.  I ADORE them and I love how little the boys look when they are sitting in them on movie nights! 

Every birthday party, holiday or big event I look forward to so much. I get this idea in my head of how it's going to go and what will take place and all the beautiful photos we will have to look back on with fond memories.  And, 9 times out of 10, something happens that dampens my vision a bit.  I realize that in all honesty, it is really just me wanting to control everything.  So I am vowing to breathe and ENJOY this birthday.  I mean they only turn 1 once!

What are some of your favorite things about birthdays?

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