Sunday, November 3, 2013


I am a few days behind but is it just me or was Halloween on a Thursday crazy?! My boys were super tired after all our fun on Thursday and we went non-stop Saturday so yes..a little behind but getting done no less.

Hudson was so excited for Halloween this year.  We suggested a costume idea for him early in September that he LOVED! When his costume came in (because we ordered it this year) he wanted to wear it that instant! We hung it up and told him he had to wait for Halloween.  These past few weeks have been filled with us counting down to different activities and Hudson is really beginning to understand how much excitement happens when anticipation builds.  Everyday last week he asked if it was time for "twick or tweet".

In our town, trick or treating is done two nights.  It was done on Wednesday and Thursday this year.  I think its a *tad* excessive to have two nights but I don't make the rules.  On Wednesday we decided we would hand out candy and make some special treats for the boys to snack on that evening as we watched Toy Story Terror together. It was so much fun watching Hudson run to the door every time the doorbell rang.  He would ask, "Mom, what they for Halloween?" Then he would put candy in each visitors bag.  His commentary drew lots of smiles and laughs from older children and parents.

"Hey, he looks scary!"

"Oh, hers a butterfly!"

"How 'bout you have this piece, otay?"

Beau helped me in the kitchen.  We whipped up these delicious bars to let the boys have during our movie.  They are gooey and sticky and our boys loved them!

Our sweet neighbor had told us about another activity in our town.  The local businesses passed out candy during the day.  So, since I didn't really know how it all worked, I recruited her to help me take the boys around Thursday morning.  Hudson could not wait to get into his costume.  Of course, it was POURING that morning. But, I'm not complaining.  That sweet sound of rain on the rough lulled Beau to sleep in an extra hour and half so he was more than chipper for our outing. PTL!

Sidebar: I know EVERYONE thinks their kids are the cutest but I mean, really, are they not cute?? You don't have to know them for those pictures to melt your heart a little.  It's okay. ;)

We made our way around the town, stopping at the County Clerk's office, the courthouse, the old hotel on the square, the police station, the bank, and finally, Daddy's work. Fortunately the rain wasn't pounding down on us and it wasn't too chilly so we got to walk everywhere, which 1)wore my kids out (YAY for good naps!) and 2) prevented the hassle of buckling and unbuckling them in and out of their car seats every 5 seconds.

We spent the rest of the afternoon, after lunch, stories and changing to our "wegular toes" playing inside because it was again, pouring down rain.

Andrew came home from work and the boys were all excited to tell him, and show him, all the candy they had collected that morning.  Because our boys typically go to bed pretty early, we knew that we would want to hit trick-or-treating that night at the beginning phase of the two hour time block.  Plus, all that rain had brought in a chill to the air and as much as I love Halloween, this mama is not about getting sick! No thank you!

I had crocked some spaghetti- so yummy- and then we did baths. Our boys went straight into their snuggly Hallowee jammies and topped those with their costumes.  Let that genius sink in for just a moment--our kiddos were dressed for bed so right after our fun night it was going to be an easy transition.  Even more genius, that idea was from Andrew! Man, I don't give that guy enough credit! :)

Beau was crabby fussy  still wore out from our fun morning so we made sure to get his belly full before we headed out.

While Daddy fed Beau, I got some pictures of this cute cowboy.

And my sister-in-law said it best. Even a defender of the intergalactic galaxy needs a paci sometimes. 

We went to about 10 houses in our neighborhood. Hudson said trick or treat every time and held open his bag.  It was so fun to see him really *get it* this year.  

When we got home we dumped our candy into our large bowl and let the Hudson pick out something to snack on. Beau got a Reese's..not too shabby in my opinion. 

We got Beau situated for bed and then turned on our traditional Halloween night show, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."  We watched it the past two years but Hudson is just at that age where he laughs at funny things making Andrew and I laugh.  

It was a pretty perfect Halloween. 

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  1. Your boys are soo adorable! Looked like a lot of Halloween fun :) Loved the costume choice too!


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