Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Taking time to enjoy

I ADORE parties! Holiday parties, birthday parties, dance parties (you know you have them in your kitchen too!). I love going to them and I l.o.v.e planning them! Beau's first birthday has been so fun to plan. The theme was easy to pick and everything seemed to come together pretty naturally.  But I am at that stage now: nights before the party...knowing we have to haul everything two hours to our hometown...prep the food...bake the cupcakes...set and stage it all...

Did you do it too? Start to tense up with me; feel a little bit anxious.  I do this all the time.  I build things up in my mind of how I see them going and then, if one little thing is off, if something doesn't go according to plan- I feel like it all failed (even though it didn't!) What a stealer of my joy!! What a selfish way to think.  If that is my thinking, then what is my true heart for even having the party?? Ick!

It is so hard today to not see things that other mama's are doing (hello, um blog world and Pinterest!) and not feel like we have to compete with what others are doing.  Over the top parties, moms who have it all together and think of every detail to make is so super special and also remembered to capture it all in pictures and video while looking like they stepped out of a fashion magazine.

But here is what I've learned (am still learning), I don't have to compete with anyone else.  As much as a love reading all the blogs I follow and seeing the wonderful ideas on Pinterest, those things are not for me to use as a measuring stick of my worth.  Those moms that may be able to pull off those parties might struggle in another area that I don't.  Or maybe not at all.  But either way, IT'S OK.

I am enough.

I am a daughter of Christ.

I am a loving wife and mother.

I am doing  my best.

Those truths- they give me joy.  Those thoughts are the ones that I should cling tightly to.

So this weekend, in the rush and chaos of planning this sweet event with our close friends and family, I am going to enjoy.  I am going to be in more pictures.  I am going to spend less time worrying about how the party looks and spend more time talking with our guests.  I am going to soak in all of Beau's sweet smiles and giggles.  I am going to enjoy the day.

What are you going to take time to enjoy this week?

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