Sunday, November 10, 2013

Our little "deer's" first birthday

This past weekend we spent time celebrating Beau's first birthday with family and friends. I can not believe my little guy is going to be one next week.  It doesn't seem like a year has gone by in the least.  But this party, this party has been on my mind since the day after he was born.  Seriously! Every year Andrew goes with his family, and some members of my family more recently, down to southern Illinois for shotgun season.  Our sweet little Beau was born three days before said trip last year.  You can probably guess where Andrew was not. Ahem. Any who, sitting in the hospital, I told Andrew his first birthday would be a hunting themed one.

Now, I've never been hunting but I've seen plenty of hunting shows (can anyone say Whitetail Properties?).  And I know I am probably completely unaware of how a hunting excursion really is, but in my mind, it can be super classy, and dare I say it, chic!  Which is exactly the direction I wanted to take Beau's party.

To me, a themed party is so fun because it ties all the elements together- the decor, the food, the favors, the wardrobe!  That's right! Our guests were asked to participate and wear camouflage.  And I must say, you can really dress up some camo!

Late this summer I began the hunt for decor, party favors, and a menu plan.  But before I could pull all those things together, I needed to find my paper products.  You know how the colors on the invitations pull together the overall scheme? Well, lucky for me, through a blog recommendation (gasp!) I came across Lauren Haddox Design and she created the perfect party pack for a classy deer hunting themed party.  With that little purchase made, this mama was set to get creating!

We rented the library back in our hometown.  It has this great open room that also has a kitchen (so handy for last minute food and drink prep). It was big enough for all our guests and for the kids to have an area to play.

My sweet mom helped me set up that morning.  Normally, I am fretting over if everything is going to get done; if it will look alright.  But if you recall from my post here, I was really focused on trying to enjoy this special time.  And, with that mindset, everything just came together.

Can we just take a moment and look at how sweet that smash cake is??? My sweet friend from high school, Ashley, makes desserts on the side.  I am a big believer in delegating.  I knew that making the cupcakes and some of the other treats, taking on the smash cake was out of my league.  I am so glad that she took this little project on.  I mean sprinkle overload--I LOVE it!! 

I set up a little spot for photos and gift opening.  

The balloons on the tables were weighted down with moss filled mason jars and these cute little signs! 

The favor table. Each child received camo binoculars, play-doh and a treat! The favor bags where simple- brown paper bags! 

Beau's All About sign
I think food should definitely tie into the party's theme.  So we had some snacks and treats that just make me think manly thoughts! I created my little food signs from torn brown paper bags.  I just hand wrote the signs and stamped them with my distressed stamper.  Sometimes less is more and the imperfections of these little signs went well the theme I think. 

My husband helped me come with food ideas.  I knew smores around the campfire were probably a staple, but a campfire indoors, or the thought of trying to make smores for all our guests seemed a little impossible.  Enter scene: PINTEREST! All over Pinterest I've seen dipped, sprinkled, covered marshmallows.  So we took the smore elements and eliminated the mess and hassle.

Chocolate covered peanuts..calm down everyone! 

Now I for one can not imagine sitting in a deer stand or blind or whatever all day.  I would get bored and hungry.  I think I would snack the entire time.  And what better snack than some trail mix. So we set up a little bar with all the fixin's and let everyone create their own trail mix.  The M&Ms, chocolate chips and yogurt raisins was a popular combination amongst the youngsters. :) 

It was such a low key party.  People ate.  The kids played. We got to visit with friends and family and Beau took it all in like such a champ.  

After some visiting, it was time for cake.  I was nervous about the smash cake because Hudson hated, loathed  wasn't a fan of his cake smash.  Like, at ALL! But Beau, that boy after my own heart, he *dug* right in!!

After we gave him a little rinse in the sink, he got back into his party clothes and it was time for gifts.  This became a free for all because, let's be real for a second, who expects a bunch a kids 5 years and under to just sit and watch. TOR-TURE! It was so fun and they were all so sweet opening Beau's gifts and telling me what it was.  My boys are blessed with best friends and cousins!!

We are so blessed by the people in our lives.  People that love our us and our boys; that cover us in prayer and truly pray God's will over us.  We had two happy, tired boys when the party was over.  I call that a success!

Our little camo family! Beau's shirt came from an store on Etsy.  It was so perfect! 

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  1. Wow!! This first birthday party arrangements are lovely. I liked everything. From décor to the food table. It reminded me of my nephew’s birthday party that was arranged at one of New York Event Venues. His father did a great job in making the party so fun. I had a great time there.


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