Sunday, September 29, 2013


As promised, I wanted to take you all through a tour of our new home.  If you read yesterdays post, you know we haven't been here long.  We still have a lot to do but I want to share with you all where we are and the direction I hope to take our little nest in the future.

Fair warning- I am no photographer and my pictures are not going to be those stunning shots you see on so many other blogs.  Bear with me. :)

So this is a view of our house from the front yard.  It is a 3 bedroom ranch.  It needs a good power washing for sure but I adore the roofline and the open front porch area.  I picture two wicker chairs with a table between where I can soak in all the moments of the boys playing in the front yard.  Our yard is large in the front.  And we are surrounded by mature trees; another part of this home that I love.  I can't wait for the leaves to turn into the brilliant colors of fall.

There are some changes I hope to make to the outside aesthetics of the home.  The red/crimson color of the door and shutters is just not my taste.  It doesn't seem *bright* enough.  My friend told me that she learned you were supposed to have three accent colors on the outside of your home. Your roof and gutters, and that trim "stuff" (very technical, I know) were your neutrals; not your color pop.  So, since our siding is white, I feel like I can go pretty bold with our door and shutter colors.

Here is what I am thinking for the front door:

 Doesn't that just look so inviting? And calm. Like a family, who in the midst of chaos, still welcomes you in.

As for our shutters, I can not think of a more complimentary color than a deep purple:

Can you see it with me?! The bright white with the calming green door and the richness of that purple.  And as you can see the front of our house has window boxes.  Fill those babies with whites and purples and yellows and greens.  Won't that pop? I am no decorator.  I just like that I like.  We'll see. :)

When you come in the front door, immediately right is our eat in kitchen/kitchen area.  We choose to go really light with our colors.  We also wanted something pretty neutral that could be dressed up with color (sounds like the outside right?) Our walls are a very light gray called Woodlawn Snow by Valspar.

View from the kitchen.
I knew I wanted pops of yellow.  So here is our kitchen.    

Blah, right? It is like neutral layered on neutral, layered on crap.  It just isn't my taste.

But I what I envision is painting those cabinets an antique white, quartz countertops in a deep gray, with a light blue subway tile backsplash.  Replace the dark finishes with brush nickel and deep, undermount sink. Lighten up the lighting (seems heavy).  Are you going there with me? Doesn't that vision just make you happier? Here's a picture to help inspire you in case you are a visual learner. ;)

The picture  helped convince you, yes? Now I know my kitchen won't look exactly like that. I mean I OBSESS over the cutout cabinets above with all the white ceramic pieces showing.  I.DIE. But notice the yellow accent rug peaking out.  See how lovely that kitchen will compliment my already yellow curtains.  It is divine.

Now our dining area is such a blank canvas.  Check out those open walls begging for design.

 Andrew and I's first home had a large open wall that we used to create a gallery wall.  Which I loved. But, oh how I've learned.  I like the look but not the commitment of a gallery wall.  I want the flexibility to switch things up.  So, problem solved.  A gallery wall-esque shelf.  I am thinking a chunky, distressed piece of reclaimed barn wood.  Are you all as gaga over reclaimed wood as I am?

Picture this baby:

Decorated something like this:

Without the candlesticks, brighter frames, and some monogram love but you get where I am going, right? Can't you see it on that wall..maybe with some bench seating and farm style dining table.

Sidebar- We received a B as a wedding present from the pastor that married us and his wife (Hi, Embree's!) and ever since I have become completely obsessed with wanting to find more ways to incorporate our last initial into our home decor everywhere.  It is super personal and I love it.

We also have this blank wall over here.  I don't know.  We need like a buffet or something. I can't quite figure it out.

But I do know that in this area I want Andrew to frame me in a chalkboard where I can change the wording out.  To things like this:

Or this:

Moving onto our living room, which is to the left when you walk into the front door.  I adore this room.  I'm not sure if its the large window or the fact that I love our sectional  more than is probably rationale or healthy but I do love this room.  It is in no way complete but it has definitely come together.  We want to add crown molding (to the kitchen/dining area too but I needed to move on ;))

And we have pretty much all the decor on the wall in there except for the TV wall.  It stands like this as of now.

I don't hate it but it is seriously lacking.  We decided that we want to mount our TV. I am thinking we will frame the TV in. Have you seen that? I think it is so classy and just adds a finishing touch.  Then, my entertainment center is freed up to be decorated.  Here is what we are thinking for the wall and entertainment center (with a few adjustments):

So, obviously, we will use our entertainment center and frame our TV in like I mentioned.  I adore the idea of mirrors above.  I have seen mirrors used all over pinterest to add depth and visual appeal so am loving that.  I also like how they flanked the entertainment center with baskets.  We totally need to do that to create some weight and draw the eye back down. Plus we also need a place for toys and throws so that kills two birds with one stone. Instead of lamps, because let's face it, our entertainment center is just not that long, I am thinking apothecary jars or lanterns. The are so versatile and can be decorated for the seasons and holidays so easily.  I also want to add a side table and lamp near the chaise part of our sofa. I have those picked out but I save them as a little surprise for later.  (Are you feeling the transformation blog posts to come?! It excites me LOTS!)

Are you still with me?!? It's a small house but I have a lot to say if I am going to do this virtual tour justice! :)

The boys' bedrooms are pretty much the same as they were back home.  We used a little tan, yellowish color from Valspar called Kabuki Clay.

We still need to add some navy curtains and wall decor to Hudson's room. Beau's room needs some drapes too; I haven't decided a color yet.  We also want to paint all the interior doors black. I know what you are thinking. BLACK DOORS? INSIDE??!! Have you seen these pictures on pinterest?! They are gorgeous.  They add a whole new level of warmth. Let me educate you a moment.

One of my favorite rooms of our house is our bathroom.  That's right, singular.  Our sweet *little* home only has one full bathroom.  Now there is a bathroom in the unfinished basement but you better believe this mama isn't using that sucker until the basement is finished.  That place is a hot mess of storage, workout area, laundry room, extra toy I don't even know, so it is not making it onto the blog about home.  It just isn't ready to meet y'all yet! ;)

I love our bathroom so much because of the color palette. And the bead-board.  Bead-board makes me happy.  It's the little things.  Andrew built the little shelves in the nook because there is  no linen closet.  I think he did such a great job.  He really has become so much handier since our first year of marriage.

You might have noticed that I bypassed Andrew and I's room too.  There isn't much to show.  It is the one room of the house we haven't painted.  I have big plans for it thought.  I have been obsessing for quite some times over a white bedspread and mercury finished lamps. You know the look.

The last bedroom image is the closest to what I am going to go for.  We have dark wood furniture.  I want more of deep blue-grey and white bedding.  With the mercury lamps bedside of course.  Don't you just want to sink deep into the bed?! 

So that's it. A quick tour of our house now and the hopes of what it will be one day. (I won't bore you with the garage and backyard..y'all have seen those before!)  If there is one thing I've realized though, it doesn't matter where your home is, the size, whatever.  It matters what you fill it with, who you build it around. I love the song "Home" by Phillip Phillips.  The lyrics really resonate with me at this transitional time in my life. 

Settle down, it'll all be clear
Don't pay no mind to the demons 
They fill you with fear
The trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost, you can always be found

Just know you're not alone,
I'm going to make this place your home

Although a secular song, I can't help but read them as a promise from my Creator.  He knows the fears that surrounded this move. He knew the heartache of leaving behind our home, friends and family.  But I so trust in Him and know that He is already making this place our home.  

Thanks for taking a peek into our new home. I'd love to hear your comments about what we've done so far and our plans for the future.  I am no decorator by a long shot but pinterest has definitely helped me see on paper (read: computer screen) what I see in my head.  


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hi, my name's Bekah. It's been awhile.

Hey all! I can not believe it is going to be OCTOBER next week! I absolutely adore this time of year.  I love the weather, the football, the slow cooker, the pumpkin and apple decor, food, scents! I just love it! That being said, it has been AWHILE since I have blogged and so much has gone on in our little life.  So I am going to do two ginormous posts. Tonight- just a recap of the last month of our lives; mostly in photos.  Then tomorrow (that's the plan) a post on our new home, town, how we're transitioning, etc! So stay with me! Pull up a chair and grab some cider! Or if you are my sweet friend Jenny, a woodchuck!

Our first weekend of September was spent at a beautiful wedding. Our sweet friends, Luke and Tessa, shared an amazing day with so many friends and family.  It was a beautiful ceremony and reception.  Their love for one another and their faith was so evident throughout each moment.  I can not wait to see what God has in store for that amazing couple. I know sweet little babies are in their (*near*) future! (At least I hope so!) Andrew and I got to reconnect with friends we don't get to see enough of and also share some time with each other, without kids.  Something we don't do often.

Days later on September 4th, Andrew and I officially closed on our home in Pittsfield.  We spent that day moving our things from my parents house (mainly clothes) and our TWO storage sheds.  We could not have done that day without our dads.  They were such work horses and never complained or stopped.  I am so thankful for the model of parenting Andrew and I have. Those two men have moved us countless times and are always there.  We are definitely blessed.  To help bang out the day were some of Andrew's co-workers.  We got our SECOND U-Haul unloaded in no time with their help.  (If you are still soaking up the fact that we had a second large U-Haul to unload, believe me, I was right there with ya! How did we ever accumulate so much STUFF??!)

I went back home that evening to wrap things up in Decatur.  Andrew and his dad worked tirelessly to get the boys rooms painted, our living room painted, and the bathroom painted.  One of Andrew's bosses even came to join in on the painting fun.  The plan was for me to leave on Friday evening to join Andrew in Pittsfield to set up the house some more before my mom brought the boys over Saturday afternoon.  That drive over Friday was hard.  It was the culmination of emotions that I was no longer going to be calling Decatur home and that being a Pittsfield resident was a reality.  That I was closing one chapter and opening another.  Andrew and I worked into the wee hours of the night to get the furniture put together, the boxes unpacked and as organized as possible for when the boys arrived.  We ended up having all the bedrooms completely put together and the kitchen and bathroom unpacked when they arrived with my mom on Saturday.  There was still a lot to be done, but again, that's for a later post. ;)

The boys and I weren't in Pittsfield long before returning to Decatur.  We headed back Thursday to spend some time with my in laws, my parents, as well as my brother and SIL who came into town on Friday, and my other SIL, Rachel and her boys on Saturday.  Andrew stayed back to get some other projects done around the house.  (Are you getting excited to see the house yet?!)

It was so fun on Saturday to have the whole family (with a few members missing) together.  I love watching my boys interact with family members.  My nephews, who I blogged about HERE, and Hudson and Beau are so funny together.  I can't wait to watch how their relationships grow and unfold over the years; the next few especially! They are a RIOT already!

The main reason we came back to town was for a 5K/15K race called the Shoreline Classic.  It was the 24th year and it is a HUGE race in the Decatur area.  People come from as far as Chicago to run.  Since I am preparing for a half marathon at the end of October, the 15K would be a good way to practice a running a long distance in a race setting.  All summer I have been training with one of my best friends.  I can honestly say I had not been that nervous about a sporting event since competing in dance at State in high school.  There were so many people there.  Lots of experienced runners. To say that I felt out of my league is an understatement.

Before the race
Jenny and I had learned over the summer that if we talked while we ran we didn't seem to realize how long we had been running.  So we made this plan just to talk the whole race.  And since we are friends, we can pretty much talk about anything and everything and not run out of things to say.  It was about at mile marker six that I realized we could have driven halfway to Pittsfield, that's how long we had been running.  We kept our pace up and finished all 9.2 miles in 1:37:52.  (Jenny was a few seconds ahead of me when I check the "official results")  It was such an amazing feeling and accomplishment.  It got us even more excited for the half.  

After the race I went to my mom's to pick up the boys and head back home.  I walked in and was so impressed and thankful for all the hard work Andrew had done.  He had done some major work while we were away.  I know he worked late into the night.  I am very much a person that relishes in things being and place and that feeling of being settled.  He did so much work to create that environment for me.  It was a blessing.  

Since then we have had our little guy turn ten months, met some neighbors, and continued to do some little things around the house.  

I had an impromptu MNO (Mom's Night Out) with some neighbors and their friends on my first Friday in town (that we were actually settled).  We also visited a church.  It was a First Christian like we attended back home but I think we will be trying a different service time; something a little more contemporary.  (This mama isn't used to the organ, ok!?) 

This weekend my in-laws and Andrew's grandparents came over for a day visit.  We grilled out and had some delicious Apple Butterscotch bundt cake for great-grandma's birthday.  

Life is starting to slow down in the sense that we are beginning to feel at home.  It is still crazy busy as we gear up for fall, which has our calendar completely full, but family life is slowly but surely starting to form again.  There is still lots of growing pains; lots of tests and stretches that are challenging our faith but ultimately drawing us closer to Him.  We are learning.  But we are together.  So it is good.

A little park action on our trip back to Decatur 9/13/13

Look at those sweet jammies. He's getting so big! 

I have never seen a baby crawl and lay on a mama's lap more than Beau Bear.  It happens every day, multiple times a day.  It is amazing. 

Look who's 10 months!!! 


I can not get over how BIG he has gotten this summer!!

Love how much he pretend plays. 

Beau is into everything. And he'll find a way to get it! 

No more baby food! Table food all the way!

"Take my picture, mama!" 

More teeth

Do you see the table food love?!

Cat nap before church 

Love his faces