Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#brucebrood2014 Weeks 4 & 5

Ok--I seriously started out with the best of intentions.  Any my documentation of January was pretty stellar (only a few missed days). But ohmiword February has been TOUGH! Between back and forth visits to Decatur, and Hudson's birthday party I just wasn't posting as much or taking as many pictures on my phone.  Which isn't terrible because it means I was being more present in the moment but still...tsk tsk on lack of photo updates!

So let's just start right on in, shall we?

I missed day 24 so we are picking up with day 25!

Day 25: This sweet little guy and I went on a little date for some much needed one:one time.  You can read about that here if you missed it. 

Day 26: The next day Hud had some one:one with daddy and they did a little filming for an even at Andrew's job. Check that out here to see Hudson in the video.  So cool! :)

Day 29: Daddy looks tired doesn't he! The boys didn't care! They love cuddles! 

Day 30: Doesn't everyone use their laundry basket as a rocket ship??

Day 31: Apple nachos. ..with just a few chocolate chips ;)

Day 32: Happy Birthday Hudson!! Settled in for Despicable Me 2

Day 38- Mr. Potato head fun!

Day 39- Snuggled with cousins! <3

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

With even more love....

Days before Christmas, Andrew and I got the biggest surprise of our lives!

Let me back up a bit.  I love being a mama.  I've wanted babies of my own since I could walk.  I seriously have loved mothering my whole life.  I had dreamt of the day I would meet someone who would share my desire to have a family. The burden of motherhood is great; trying to raise these little people in a way that honors God; to encourage their gifts; not to spoil them but to bless and teach them.  But the blessing of this gift? Oh the blessing is beyond words.

You can ask almost anyone.  I was barely stitched up and into my hospital room after having Beau when I started talking about missing being pregnant and how I know we will have more.  I was telling Andrew I just know our family is only becoming more complete but we aren't done yet.  Yes, I was on pain meds from my c-section. Ahem.

In November, right around the time Beau turned one, I came down with a bad case of "I want another baby". This happened right after Hudson turned one too--hence Beau being born about 10 months later. ;) Andrew, seeing this case take over once again, sat me down to have a very logical discussion.  More kids- definitely. Right now- no way!  We talked about the pros of putting off adding to our family and we both agreed- honestly!- that we were going to wait at least another year before trying to expand our brood.  We had valid reasons and were both really content to wait.  We even talked about having the next two close.  I told you I wanted big and I like even numbers. It's a thing. 

Ok--back to days before Christmas.  Well, days before Christmas, while packing to go home and going over my checklist of things to add, I realized things were a little *off*. Ahem Less than two minutes later, and I was on the phone with my best friend asking how this could be possible? (Spare me, I already know but I was in shock) And--side note, that best friend was not my hubby but my a close girl friend.  Our lives are so parallel sometimes that it only makes sense to be part of each other's lives! 

So although Andrew and I had much different plans for our future and the timing of our brood expanding, God once again reminded us HIS timing is always perfect and HIS plans always the best.

So this Valentine's Day our family is sending you all some love from our growing brood.

Arriving August 2014. :)

It's a Toy Story party!

I know three posts may seem a bit excessive but we celebrated lots.  Three posts for a three year old--it works!

This past week the boys and I went home for the whole week.  We had doctor and dentist appointments.  It was my mom's birthday.  I needed some friend time.  It was a week well spent (except for when I got stuck in a ditch! Old Man Winter you may leave at ANY time!!)

It worked out to go back early because it allowed me to get the rest of the things I needed for Hudson's party in town without having to haul it back.  I hate packing up the car with excess stuff so getting supplies there totally made this mama happy!

Parties in the dead of winter are a bit tricky. I wanted Hudson and his buddies to be able to run and play plus have our friends and family there too! Finding a space that allows for all of that indoors can be difficult.  Plus, Hud isn't at an age where we can do just anything.  My friend, Teran suggested an indoor play place at a church that she was going to use for her son's party a couple of years back.  It was perfect!!!

We decided to have the party in the morning- our kids are just better mid-morning- and do a breakfast theme! Hudson loves breakfast more than any other meal of the day! And I love donuts! Ha! I never get them because I only will splurge on a donut if it is completely worth it, and let me tell you, the ones we got for Hudson's party were definitely worth the splurge!

So Saturday morning, my mom and I set up while Andrew went to get the donuts.  We literally set up in about 25 minutes.  It was so simple and stress free.  And it turned out pretty cute too!

Besides donuts from our favorite, Golden Glaze, we served mini donuts, cinnamon buns, and cereal.  Seriously simple.  I wish I would have gotten a better picture of the favors but we got these Toy Story buckets and filled them with bubbles, pencil, a Sheriff badge, candy, and fruit snacks.  I attached balloons to all the buckets to weight them and then each kid got balloons with their bucket! Easy peasy!

We ate first and then let the kids play! It was seriously the best play place..slides, a ball pit.  Smaller play places for the littler ones and some ride ons.  I loved watching them all play! 

**I know I should have taken  more pictures but it was so good to soak it in. Hudson talks about his friends and cousins all the time.  Since moving away we don't always get to see them as often as we'd like so it was so sweet to watch them all play.

Instead of stopping the play, we brought Hudson's gifts into the play area.  He opened them. Sometimes the kids would stop and watch and then go right back to playing.  Let's be honest, its the adults that want to see what the kids got at this age. 

After presents and more playing, we sang happy birthday and had cupcakes.  Hudson sang right along.  Unlike his Daddy, Hudson loves the singing party of birthdays.  

Hudson's Turns Three

I love my birthdays! I think it is such a fun day! Hudson has been excited about his birthday since Beau's birthday back in November.  He was completely aware of what a birthday was and how he would get a party.  It was really fun to watch him anticipate it as well as be able to request what he wanted as his treats, for his party.  It was so so sweet!

The night before our kids' birthdays, I snap a picture of them sleeping.  I started this last year before Hudson turned two.  A friend (hi, Emily!) gave me this idea and I adore it.  I love sleeping pictures anyway so having one to look back on each year is really sweet.

Hudson turned three on a Saturday this year.  I loved that because Andrew got to be with us the whole day! Hudson came padding into our room on Saturday morning and whispered to Andrew, "It's my birfday! I'm so 'cited!" I made giant cinnamon rolls for his birthday breakfast! Doesn't he look so so thrilled that his day arrived?

Our day was pretty low key but so wonderful.  We played with toys and play-dough (always a hit at our house). We read books and cuddled.  A pretty typical day but felt special nonetheless.  

Later that afternoon we had a baby shower for a sweet couple that Andrew works with.  They are so so sweet and going to be first time parents.  We have really liked getting to know them these past months as Andrew has worked for Whitetail. 

That evening we were having our little family party! We opened presents! Hudson was super cute during that! I love his faces!


For dinner he had requested "peppy-oni" pizza. Well, twist my arm, I guess so! And of course, breadsticks.  Our boys love breadsticks!  Since we were having cupcakes for his party we choose to do ice cream sundaes as his birthday dessert.  Earlier that week, Hudson and I went to the store to pick out toppings.  He needed some direction at first but  he caught on and made some stellar choices! 

I don't think he turned down one single topping choice!

To end our evening, we rented Despicable Me 2.  I had never seen it and Hudson hadn't seen it since the movies this summer.  It was such a cute movie.  I liked more than the first; call me crazy! We are so blessed to have Hudson in our lives.  I can not imagine a day without him.