Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Date Night

Last Friday I got to spend some quality time with Hudson. He had his first soccer game of this next indoor season. I have loved watching him learn more about this sport and really see him gain confidence in the new skills he's learning.

I had told Hudson that we could do something just him and I after the game since Andrew wasn't feeling great and decided to just stay home with the younger boys.

It isn't very often that I get to spend time one on one with my boys. Not as much as I'd like. Between having three boys, a husband who travels, and just our day to day schedule, Andrew and I try to split our time with our family, honoring our marriage, and giving each other time to be who we are. Needless to say, it can be a lot to juggle. I know other parents have to feel me on this, right??

The gym is across town. I turned the radio down and tuned in to Hudson. He is a talker. He hates when he gets interrupted by his little brothers. He has a big personality. I never want to forget the way he thinks; the ideas he has; how smart he is.

Hud: Hey mom..
Me: Yeah, babe.
Hud: You know there's a window in the basement.
Me: Yeah.
Hud: So like we are under the ground.
Me: Yeah Hudson, the basement is under the ground. The window shows right above the ground.
Hud; Like we are underground but the ninja turtles are deeper underground.  Their lair is deeper.
Me: Lair??
Hud: Yeah, mom, like their hide out.

Hud: I am getting pretty good at soccer, I think.
Me: I think so too, bud.
Hud: But like, mom, if I am playing I can't like take a toy away from Cruze because we can't take toys we have to wait our turn. But when I play soccer I can just take the ball because that's the game.
Me: Well, right. But you can't take the  ball away from people on your team.
Hud: Oh no, mom.

Hudson plays 3 on 3 soccer. There are supposed to be five players to each team so they learn to sub in and out. However, this week, there were only three boys that showed up, including Hudson. Those sweet boys played two 12 minute halves, had a quick break between games, and then did it again.  They were definitely all dragging by the end. Hudson would turn around and look at my mom, Andrew's mom and I like, "I am dying out here. Are we almost done?" But he kept chugging along.

He scored two or three goals over the course of the night. And his face lit up every time. I thought he would be pretty exhausted after his games, but the first thing he said when he came up to us was, "can we go on our date now??" Bless. His. Heart.

He said he was starving. He had only eaten a light dinner because, non stop running. So he asked to go to Culver's (huge shock! <---saracasm. My kids LOVE Culver's). We got into the car, got buckled and before we were off, he was chatting away again.

Hud: Mom, my legs are like so tired. Like my feet are tired. They hurt. I think we ran forever. We were better than the green team I think but the white team might have been better than us, I think.
Me: Well..
Hud: But we played good because we played the whole time.
Me: You did play awesome, babe.
Hud: I just want to be on TV.
Me: TV?
Hud: Like yeah, just on TV.
Me: Like on a show or a movie?
Hud: Mom, like for soccer. Because I'm so good. I can play on TV. And people could watch me. When they go to Mexican.
Me: Literally laughing out loud so hard!!!!!

This sweet boy polished off an entire cheeseburger (with ketchup and pickle, of course) and then we took some sweet treats home to share with Daddy and Beau.

When we were tucking the boys into bed that night, Beau prayed. Then Hudson prayed.

"Dear God, thank you for my date with mommy and our good day and bless we'll have a good day tomorrow."  Hudson- age 4.5

Hudson, you bless my heart so much. I am so thankful that God let me be your mommy. I pray each day you continue to find a deeper faith and closer walk with Jesus. That you listen to your heart and go after all your dreams. That you work hard and are kind to others. I am so blessed to be your mommy and share in special moments with you! <3

Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend Recap: Baby it's cold outside!!

BRRRR!!! It is ridiculously cold here. Last week's teaser day of mid-50 degree weather definitely made me ready for springtime temperatures. And the weekend's arctic like weather further drives that point home!

We had such a great weekend though! I started looking forward to our weekend Thursday night. Whenever Andrew has a heavy travel week I start longing for our weekend days that much sooner.

{F R I D A Y}
It was rainy and cold on Friday so the boys and I spent the day playing indoors. The usual superhero, puzzles, Star Wars, Lego line up. Andrew got home that afternoon and was completely drained from his work week.  On top of that, he sounded terrible! Like hacking cough, blowing the nose, scratchy throat terrible. No one has time for that on the weekend so I made the decision to divide and conquer.  Hudson's first night of the new soccer season was that night and instead of dragging everyone out into the wet and cold, I asked Andrew to stay home with Beau and Gabe and relax.

Hudson is playing 3X3 for the next several weeks. He has two games every Friday night. He is on the same team as one of his buddies which is always fun.  Hudson first started playing 3X3 last fall and has since done a couple of skill sessions. It was fun to see how much he has grown since that first game.

I told Hudson he and I could have a little date after his game since it was just he and I. I love family time but there is something so special about that 1:1 time with your kids. I'll share more about that time later on.

Sweet boy

After getting the boys to bed (Beau was waiting up for us with Andrew), and hearing Andrew cough for the thousandth time, I made him put on some oils and we put the diffuser on. Then we pretended we were SUPER OLD and turned on the documentary Food, Inc.  No wait, we are old. 

{S A T U R D A Y}
I love when we don't have too much on the agenda and this Saturday we actually didn't have a thing! I made the boys breakfast--cinnamon rolls. And then whipped up some superfoods for Andrew and I. Andrew didn't sound great but said he was feeling a little better. So more oils and diffusing (I used Frankincense on his throat- neat; RC and peppermint layered on his chest and spine; and thieves on his feet. I diffused purification.) 

We have had some entry way decor since Christmas that needed hung but the mirror we ordered was damaged and had to be returned.  Andrew got that taken care of this past week so we finally had everything to hang.  I still need to add the cotton stems to the metal hanging bucket and also a few trinkets on our shelf but LOVE how it turned out. We don't have a large entry space so had to think of something beside a table. Eventually we will shiplap our entry and convert our coat closet into an open sitting area to hang coats and take off/put on shoes. 

I got my workout in while the boys played around me. It wrapped up my third week on my program and I am ecstatic with the gains I am making strength wise.  My challenge group checked in and are down some serious inches and pounds after just two weeks! So proud of them!

Winter can get a little boring when the weather is so cold. I didn't want to spend another Saturday night in so earlier this week I invited some friends to check out a new bowling and pizza place a couple towns over.  Hudson had been bowling before but Beau had not.  We had a kid's lane and adult lane. The service was super fast and accommodating; HUGE plus when you have 6 adults and 5 small kiddos. My kids loved that they could eat, get up and play a little, come back for some more.  They NEVER get to do that at home (obviously) so loved that! 

{S U N D A Y}
We woke up Sunday to negative temperatures and made the decision not to get out in the weather for church. Instead, I made a big breakfast and we all sat around not in a rush. I love Sunday mornings with our church family but this was definitely the next best place to be. 

It was a lazy day of play and naps and snuggles. The boys stayed in their PJs all day. I only got out of my PJs to work out and then got right back into some comfy sweatpants! Ha! I did get my food all prepped for the week and some laundry caught up on so I count that a success too. 

We ended our weekend with a family game night and finally finishing Farmer Boy. My boys loved reading about Almanzo.  I think they are a little sad the next book isn't about him too! 

Hopefully you all had a great weekend too!! 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Life Lately

Around here, it has been a heck of a week. No easing us back into the school and work routine.  Andrew has spent the last three evenings away working late which has made some long(er) days for this mama!

Honestly, when Andrew really dove into his job at this time last year, he traveled WAY more and it was WAY harder because everyone was a year younger.  Trying to really focus  more on the joy in each stage of life (you can read more about some of my goals here), I decided to actively try to thank God throughout out the day.

"Thank you God that Gabe can get a snack out of the snack drawer while I cook dinner so he doesn't just stand at my feet and whine..."

"Thank you God that two are out of diapers and can wipe their own sweet cheeks.."

"Thank you God for these little hands to help me put this laundry into the dryer..."

"Thank you God for friends that live close by to play with (to ensure really good naps at nap time today)..."

I know some of those are silly but keeping a thankful heart really helped me with perspective.  Motherhood is hard. And days without my partner are long but I am so thankful for the responsibility of this task and a Heavenly Father who is always with me to help me through.

I've been making weekly lists lately. Each day I delegate a few tasks to get done. It has helped me be really productive not only in the housework, but in my business, while also making sure I get to spend time with the boys. I used to have things pile up and then spend a whole couple of days trying to get everything done and that wasn't good for anybody. This system is working out nicely!

Gabe got a haircut this week. I just can't bring myself to take him to get his haircut yet. He seems to little for the chair.  And it seriously doesn't take but 10 minutes so way not save myself the hassle.  Isn't he darling??

The boys have also been OBSESSED with games since getting some new ones for Christmas.  I am thrilled we have graduated from Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders (the games that never end, amen?!!?). Headbandz, Guess Who, Pie Face, Minion Memory- all some of our favorites.  It is really fun to watch Hudson and Beau get so animated as we play. And to see their little minds search for the right word, question, or guess.

I'm not sure how much longer we can bathe all three together because, well space and age, but I sure do love their conversations as they get clean and ready for bed each night.

I am halfway through week 3 of my new workout program, Hammer and Chisel, and am loving it!!! It has hands down my new favorite program (and I have done a lot of different at home workouts). Even more than that, I am seeing some awesome results. I am down 7 pounds and several inches in just 2.5 weeks. And my current accountability group are all seeing results too! It is so exciting to be a part of helping other women find inner strength and a path to better health!

That's about it around here! Today was FINALLY a warm day; temperatures in the 50s. The boys and I got some outdoor playtime in after lunch. Two on one soccer, scooter riding, and swinging!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekend Love

I love the weekends. Which is funny because now that I work from home, sometimes I don't even know what day it is because I don't work Monday through Friday, but nevertheless, weekends always seem to be filled with lots of extra fun.

Friday night we were all excited for Andrew to get home. He left Thursday morning and had an overnight for work. After having two weeks with him home for the holidays, the transition back to work has been hard on the boys (and ME!) so we were excited to have him home!

I deemed that evening pizza night and whipped up a homemade pizza. Andrew and I are really working hard towards our health and fitness goals so I made most of the pizza with turkey pepperoni and light cheese. On my little area, I also did light cheese but piled up chopped onions, green peppers, broccoli bits and carrot shreds. Andrew and I paired our slice with nice mixed green salad and totally felt satisfied.

The boys had a great week (and we had coupons) so I suggested to Andrew that we make a little trip to Culver's.  I spelled out Culver's just in case Andrew wanted to veto the idea.  Hudson has been on this kick lately of wanting to know everything going on. In true fashion, he didn't let the spelling slide. I told him if he could figure it out, he would know. I respelled the word slowly and by the "v" he guessed Culver's and tagged on ICE CREAM!!!!

Now I'm not sure if that means he is really getting his letter sounds down and putting it all together or if we frequent that joint too much! ;)

After dinner the boys got a bath while I cleaned up and then we trekked out to get some ice cream to go.  Andrew and I did really good here again and got nothing. If you know me, you know there is a deep love in my heart for ice cream so this was a big #NSV.

We wrapped our night with a few rounds of bumper motorcycles (remote control motorcycles the boys got for Christmas) and a chapter of Farmer Boy. Family nights are so much fun!

Saturday was deemed "Guys' Day" since I had my quarterly coach event, Super Saturday. I met up with a couple of local coaches from our team and we drove over. It was one of my favorite live events. I got so many great ideas to better help the clients I work with, ideas to help my team thrive and help more people and a KILLER workout! We were dripping sweat after the thirty minutes were up.

When I got home, Andrew and I pushed play on day 13 of Hammer and Chisel while the boys were napping. It was a doozey!

With all the family time we had been blessed to have lately, I felt like Andrew and I needed some 1:1 time.  It had been almost a month since our last date night.  Fortunately one of our go-to sitters was available!

Andrew and I got to head out to a late (for us) dinner at one of our favorite local places.

Sunday flew by! Church, naps and workout, housework and playing with boys. We did get to cap it off and meet some friends for a quick dinner at a near by Mexican restaurant.

Overall, a pretty low key weekend. Looking forward to this week and all that is in store! New indoor soccer season kicking off, three day weekend for Hudson, babysitting our sweet nephew, and finalizing Hudson's birthday weekend.

Favor: We are planning a fun, family weekend in Chicago for Hudson's birthday coming up. Any must-do suggestions or must-try places to eat?? Remember, family of 5; three kiddos (almost) 5 and under! Thanks in advance!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year, Better Me

It's been months since I've last blogged. Life has definitely been busy. I started this blog two years ago as a way to document our lives in all it's busy, crazy, growing years. I want to remember the best times with my family. I want them to have a place to come and remember when I can no longer tell them the stories.

But, with everything that has good intentions, blogging was often times put on the back burner. Between moves, having another baby, building a business, and, if I'm being honest, not sure my blog was any good when I compared it to the other blogs I love , I just stopped.

During the last few weeks of 2015 I hit the pause button on some areas of my life in a BIG way. Each day was about me spending my time how I saw it. If that meant playing Legos for hours. If it meant watching Netflix instead of being productive. If it meant skipping a workout session. If it meant ordering take out two nights in a row because, eh, who really wants to cook.

You see, I had put all this pressure on myself to map out my days a certain way. I had laid out these goals with these deadlines; buried myself in expectations I had conjured up about what would make me better, be best for our family. And while most of those expectations and goals still ring true, I learned I wanted to go about achieving them in a very DIFFERENT way.

I revised my goals for 2016. Here it is six days in and I am just writing my first blog of the new year. Because one of my goals for myself is

{ G R A C E }
Grace extended to me from me. Grace extended to my kids when they ask (for the 100th time) what we are doing today. Grace extended to my husband when, although he tries his best, he just doesn't understand how I'm so tired when I've just been home all day. Grace to the person in front of me in line at the grocery store who is taking forever to check out her 4 items. Grace.

I'm human. I will have good and bad days. And the bad days don't really matter unless I dwell on them and forget that I'm human because I get so wrapped up in trying to be perfect.


{ B A L A N C E }
I'm claiming balance in 2016. All that stuff I listed: wife, mom, Beachbody coach, school board member, taxi driver, etc... I can be each of those things. I can do those things well. But I can't do them all ALL the time. I will do what must be done first every day. The other tasks I cross of my list--they are bonus. Because I know I can't get it all done every day. But some. I am committing to some each day.

But most of all....

{ J O Y }
I hit pause back in December for the simple fact that, for being the most wonderful time of the year, I wasn't feeling so wonderful. And that is not OK. I love the holiday season and I would be damned if I wasn't going to find a way to be JOYFUL in it.

I looked at what I was doing and asked if it would bring me joy in that moment. If it wasn't going to, and didn't HAVE TO be done, I didn't do it.

And in doing that, I realized quickly the things in my life that do bring me joy.

  • my family
  • my friends
  • working out
  • reading
  • time in God's word
  • blogging
  • helping others through my work
I realized I love most of what I already did, just not how I did it.

That is why I'm blogging again. It brings me joy. I love looking back at our babies. I love reading how life was at a point in time. I enjoy sharing my perspective and thoughts. It isn't about anyone else.

This year, when I set goals and go after achieving them, those three words are in my mind. They are the heartbeat of my day-to-day.