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I'm Bekah. I married the boy who was my best friend first but always held my heart. We met in 7th grade, called it what it was after graduation and got married straight out of college. We had three baby boys in three (and a half) years, moved 4 times and have found our callings as people.

My three boys make me a better person day in and day out.  With a four, two and seven month old life is never dull, always busy, but surely blessed! I wouldn't trade a day!

I get to spend my days loving on my kids, making my house a home and helping people change their lives.  I am a fitness coach and team leader. This life calling smacked me out of nowhere but the stories I get to witness and be a part of are like nothing I can describe!!

I love to run, read, play outside, cook, bake with my kids (it's the only way it's fun), spend time with girlfriends, and soak up any time alone I can squeeze in with my Mister!

I love good food, but have learned life is about balance (unless on vacation!) I love reality t.v, Target runs, a country music, and Jesus!  Nothing makes my heart happier than a clean kitchen and vacuum lines! ;)

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  1. 3 boys! That was my husbands dream, LOL. Your house must be very exciting!


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