Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

Is it just me or are these days flying by? I mean it is practically July and we are halfway through the year! What the world?!!

Because I feel like our weekends start on Friday (don't ask me why) I am going to back it up all the way to last Friday.  It was such a pretty day.  It was really warm out but there was a nice breeze.  I decided that we would have a some water fun that morning since we probably wouldn't be back out until much later.  {I'm so thankful my boys nap during the heat of the day.  I dread the days where they are going to want to be outside during it. We will just have to spend all our time caked in sunscreen and in a pool!}

I want my boys to grow up loving the outdoors; loving simple joys.  So far they both really do.  They are so content to play and don't really need a whole lot.  I am sure that sounds like I am a boring mom but I just don't want to feed into the idea that my kids need a constant source of entertainment.  I want them to get dirty, have fun and explore!

So Friday we went out.  We filled the water table and got out all sorts of cups and toys.  I filled buckets with water and those spongy-soaker balls.  I made a tin foil river like I had seen on Pinterest. (original source via)

We had bubbles out too because my boys just can't get enough.  It was such a fun morning. Hot, but so fun!!

{Yes--these are poor quality iPhone photos. Expensive cameras and water don't mix}

Friday night we had a family movie night.  The boys got to go pick out candy to have with their popcorn and movie.  It is always so funny to see what they choose.  They love the chewy and sour candy.  And of course, good ole peanut M&Ms. 

Saturday we played outside even more.  It was really muggy.  Like, you might look like you just stepped out of the shower the moment you walked outside.  But did my boys car! Not in the least.  The hubby took them grocery shopping so I could get a few things done around the house before heading back to Decatur for an event.  Then we played outside some more and they "helped" Andrew mow.  

When the boys went down for nap, I snuck out.  I had an event on Sunday about an hour from Decatur so to break up the drive I was heading to Decatur on Saturday.  The boys couldn't have been more excited because anything just boys is just amazing to them.  I met  my parents for dinner and got to hang out with my brother and SIL who also came to town for a baby shower Tori was throwing a friend.  It was really nice to catch up with them!

I got to go to church with my parents Sunday morning before heading to Super Sunday.  Super Sunday is a quarterly event put on by Beachbody.  It was such a good time! There were over 100 coaches at our local event (they are all over the US and Canada in different regional locations).  I wrote about it a little more here but it was such a great time.  I got in an awesome workout, got to see lots of my team and learn a bunch!

I drove all the way back to Pittsfield after the event.  It wasn't like I was gone that long but it was so good to get out of the car and have my babies run up to me! I missed squeezing on them! 

What did you do this weekend? 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Five on Friday: This and That

I seriously hate how little I have blogged lately.  I have thoughts pop into my head but there never seems to be enough hours in the day! Yet I'd rather be living each moment than pausing to blog about it if I had to pick! Family first right?

So this week's five is just going to be a hodge podge since it's been forever! Enjoy! ;)

Last weekend, Andrew and I took a mini getaway to St. Louis for our anniversary. It was so great.  We shopped, went to a ball game, went around downtown, ate at non-kid friendly restaurants.  It was such a relaxed weekend.  We literally meandered around the galleria for hours, picking out items for each other, checking out any store.  I love my boys but really relished all the time to just talk to Andrew without worrying about schedules, being interrupted or rushing.  Definitely more in love with him with each passing day! 

This week has been one of those weeks where I just feel completely blessed to be a mama.  In all honesty, I am quite nervous about adding another sweet babe to the mix; going from man to man to zone defense, being outnumbered.  Beau is definitely a mama's boy so I worry about him adjusting to sharing me.  Yet, even with some of those concerns, I can't imagine my life without motherhood.  Hearing their giggles and cries for more during our tickle fights, watching them chase each other through the house, seeing their cheeks puff up as they blow bubbles and their eyes dance as they watch those bubbles float away, feeling our sweet little one kick and grow.  I am so thankful that God opened a door for me to find fulfillment and a way to provide for our family while staying home.  I can't imagine missing any of it.  

Trying on daddy's shoes

Making a race track

1:1 time with my big boy

PiYo released last week and I ordered the day it came out! I have been waiting for this workout and was so thankful for the timing of it's release! My body still craves it's workouts but I am definitely feeling certain workouts more as I am entering the last leg of pregnancy.  This high-intensity yet low impact workout is EXACTLY what my body is needing! I have done two days already and love it.  I love changing up my workout routine anyway and am really impressed with this little gem!

I love summer because I love the grill!! We seriously are grilling multiple nights a week! We are always looking for new grill recipes.  If you have any--comment with them below!! We aren't picky in this house! 

Our nursery is pretty much finished! No- I haven't taken photos yet. So let this just be a little teaser.  I will post some up next week!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday: Anniversary Edition

Happy Friday everyone!! Thanks again to our amazing hostesses for this awesome link up! I love finding new blogs to read and connect to!

In honor of TODAY being our 5th wedding anniversary, I am doing my Five on Friday about special day!

We were married outdoors.  I love a good outdoor wedding.  We choose June because, well, I didn't want to wait for July or August and May was too busy with college graduation.  June 20 was chosen because I simply love even numbers. Call it my inner nerdiness, call it OCD, but it had to be even.  It was a beautiful day but it was HOT.  That is one thing we hear, even five years later that we had a beautiful wedding but my goodness it was hot!

We had a large wedding party.  Our wedding party pictures were stunning. Not why we did it but definitely a perk.  I think every bride should have a picture of the groom when he first sees her.  I love the emotion in Andrew's eyes that day.  I love every detail of that day still: flower choices, dresses, all of it. I'd still pick outdoors. 

Our reception fortunately was indoors! We had it at a ballroom in Decatur.  It is used a lot for wedding receptions and other events.  We actually had our junior prom in that same ballroom, to which Andrew was my date.  It is a really pretty room and pretty much a blank canvas to do what you want with.  We had a sit down dinner.  One thing I hate is really long receptions..not time wise but as far as down time.  So Andrew and I greeted and visited guests during dinner and did a lot of the obligatory dances during dinner too.  That way we could get right to our guests enjoying the night! 

Andrew's best man had the best speech!

First Dance.  We danced to Book of Love by Peter Gabriel. 

T H R E E 
I think the details of the wedding are important.  I sure felt that way during planning.  I browsed magazines, watched wedding planning shows {I am sure those don't even air anymore}. I can only imagine what my Pinterest board would have looked like.  I would definitely say my style was very classic.  I didn't want a lot of fuss but wanted the flowers cake, and beauty of the setting (both at our wedding and reception to be enough).  But for the sake of fun, here is my Wedding Day Pinterest board if I were getting married now.

Music. I wanted our songs to be ones I'd remember; ones I wouldn't hate in 5 years; and ones that weren't super typical.  My bridesmaids walked down the aisle to We Are Man and Wife by Michelle Featherstone.  Confession: I was {AM} a die hard OTH fan! The first time I heard this song was on the episode of Haley and Nathan's second wedding (the big ceremony before their limo went off the bridge with Nathan inside. Are you reliving that episode with me) That song still brings tears to my eyes. The lyrics-ah! Still ring so true.  I walked down the aisle to a trumpet playing the traditional bridal march.  I loved it.  It was different and I don't know.  I just loved it! During our ceremony, we had two really great people sing a duet to Big and Rich's "Lost in This Moment." Perhaps overplayed but I didn't care.  I loved the lyrics.  And since we had some special people perform that song it was even more special.  Our first dance was to "Book of Love" by Peter Gabriel.  I just love this song.  The lyrics are so true.  There seems to be so many rules in the Book of Love.  We sure don't get them all right but if anyone is going to read to me, or dance with me, I wanted it to be Andrew. 

F I V E 
We went on our honeymoon the day after the wedding.  We went to the Bahamas.  It was beautiful and we had the best time! Totally indulging in the things to do and just the excitement of finally being married!! If there was anything I could do is take the day after the wedding to rest and relive the day.  Fly out on a Monday.  We were so tired when we flew out.  We both say we would change that!

I know that the a  marriage is about so much more than a day. So much more than an event.  It is wonderful to look back on that day but I love to look at where we are now.  It has been five years, a myriad of moves, two babies, a miscarriage, another on the way.  Learning how to live with another, accepting the flaws, forgiving instead of fighting, knowing when to say I am sorry, laughing at and with one another often, sharing each other's burdens and fears.  Being strong when the other is not.  I loved Andrew wholly and fully the day we got married but I love him so much more now.  We have shared life together.  I can not wait to share each and every day and year that is to come with the man that waited for me at the end of the aisle. 

And just for's a bump date. 30 weeks 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Grow Old with Me

Tomorrow is our actual anniversary and I will be posting about the wedding. Today, I wanted to post about the marriage.

I honestly can't believe it has been five years.  I know to some that is just a speck on the timetable of years of marriage.  But gosh, some days it feels like we were just getting married! Then I look around and seeing our two boys running around, my growing tummy and think of everything that has happened over the last five years and wonder how we have done so much!

I loved Andrew for a very long time.  And I honestly think he had those feelings for me also.  Neither of us admitted that our friendship held a special place in our lives for such a long time.  I am thankful for that in many ways.  It allowed us to develop a bond as friends first.  It gave us time to learn about one another, find ways to spend time with each other without the pressure of titles or other people's opinions. {I mean we did meet in middle school and really became close friends in high school.  We all know how dramatic high school can be!}

A month before our wedding...the  night before graduation.

I remember our wedding day and seeing Andrew for the first time.  I remember walking towards him feeling completely at peace.  I knew that he was exactly who God had crafted to be my forever.  As we stood in front of family and friends, I never imagined loving him more.

But I was so wrong.  I loved Andrew the day we got married.  But the way I love him now has completely changed.  In a way that only time can change your love.  I'm an open book and always honest when our friends get married and talk about being newlyweds.  For Andrew and I, year one was ROUGH! There was so much to learn just from living with one another.  We were young. I was stubborn.  He was silently stubborn.  We clashed.  We fought.  We forgave.  We grew.  There were some times that I was so angry at him.  But as we would cool off I would think, "there is no one else that would love me like he does."

Over the last five years I have loved the man Andrew has become.  I fell in love with a boy.  A boy with lasting looks, an athletic strut, and a personality and way of treating others that I can only  hope to instill in our boys.  I know my love was deep then, but I could not have imagined back then how my love would change; would deepen.

Andrew and I made each other parents.  We have pushed each other in our dreams.  We have made big decisions together, not always agreeing, but always trusting.  We have shared loss and he has wiped away my tears.  We've seen each other at our worst and at our best.

I can only pray that God continues to bless our marriage, our years together.  These past five years have been amazing.  If it is any indicator in what the future holds, I can only wait and look towards our future with anticipation.  I love you, Andrew! Happy {early} Anniversary!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Recap: Father's Day 2014

How is it Monday already? I don't dread Monday's by any means.  It was just one of those really great weekends that I didn't want to end.

Friday the boys and I were in Decatur.  We had Beau's well-baby check (18 months, although he's 19) and then we were driving back.  We got home around 5:30 and the boys and I were super hungry! PTL Andrew had dinner waiting for us which was awesome! Even though we were only away for one night we had missed him so much! I will never tire of seeing how much my boys love their daddy!

After the boys went to bed, I opened all the packages that had arrived for the baby's room.  Andrew had painted while we were away and I loved the color so much.  It felt really cozy.  He worked on putting the crib together while I unpacked and did some laundry.  What a crazy Friday night, huh?

Saturday started early.  Our sweet Beau has started this darling little habit that, on some days, upon waking up, he stands up in his crib and shouts, "Mama!" repeatedly with just a slight pause between.

I have never watched this show but the clip pretty much sums up my wake-up call! Ha!

We had no official plans this weekend.  We wanted to get some more done with the nursery; the lawn needed mowing; we need a grocery store run; laundry (does it ever end??).  What is crazy is that I have come to love these weekends.  Weekends with no real plans except just being around the house and doing what needs to be done all while soaking up time with our boys.  They went with me to the store and then in between me doing chores, we were outside for the majority of the morning.  Bubbles and ride on toys.  Some neighbor friends came over to play.  It is so fun to be their mommy.  To watch them enjoy life.  

We had really great weather on Saturday.  It was actually cool early on in the morning and was supposed to be a cool evening.  Andrew had talked about camping out for awhile and we decided there probably wouldn't be another weekend with such great weather.  

After dinner, we bathed the boys (because even if you sleep outside I still don't want you to go to bed with all the day's dirt on you) and went outside to start a fire.  The boys loved it! We made s'mores. The tent was set up which they thought was coolest.  After awhile, I went in to put Beau to bed.  The camp out was just going to be for our big.  We knew Beau wouldn't miss it and also knew Hudson relishes one on one time.  

He and Andrew went to rent a new (to him) movie.  They had their movie and big boy snacks and flashlights.  I did what any right minded mama would do with a night in to herself.  Once Beau was asleep, I enjoyed a nice long shower and got into bed to snuggle in and read. It. Was. Glorious! 

Sunday I woke up before the {big} boys and Beau and I got started on breakfast.  I hope Andrew feels loved and appreciated every day  by us but wanted to spoil him on Father's Day.  I know how blessed we are to have him as the head of our home.  Beau and I made bacon and pancakes and set out his gift and cards. Just as I was finishing, he and Hudson came in.  Excuse the poor quality iPhone photos, but this was our morning.

Check out that sweet card Hudson picked out.  It popped up and everything. :) 

We readied for church and then went on our way.  

After church we had lunch and our boys went down for nap.  ALL my boys! Andrew must not have slept super great at the camp out because he napped the entire time the boys did!! We played outside after naps for awhile and then headed off to dinner. Dad's choice= Buffalo Wild Wings.  He loves that place but I think a HUGE reason why is because it's noisy enough that our kids don't have to be super quiet and that the kids eat well there so he can actually enjoy his meal. ;)

We didn't get back home until after the boys' typical bed time so it was baths and stories and bed for them.  Andrew gifted himself Lone Survivor and set up on the couch to watch it.  I missed the very beginning and it wasn't really the feel good movie I would've picked on Father's Day but I do respect the story behind the movie.  We are forever grateful to the men and women who serve our country in this house and so it was a good reminder how blessed we are for those willing to sacrifice.

And that was our weekend.  Simple but filled with fun and family time.  Next weekend should be wonderful as well.  Andrew and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary with a long weekend away, kid-free! I can't wait!


Friday, June 13, 2014

Five on Friday

I am SOOOO late in getting this post up but I stinking love this link-up and missed last week with our family stuff so...better late than never, right?

Paint is on the nursery walls!! Lots of packages arrived today and I *think* the nursery will be completely put together this weekend. Aside from a lamp.  I can not find a lamp {shade} that I like that fits the room.  

Friends.  Is there anything better for the soul than a night with good friends?? The boys and I headed to Decatur {yes, we were just there like all last week} yesterday to meet our friends at the zoo for a play date and picnic.  Well, bummer summer, my friends had a couple of sick kiddos so the play date didn't work. The boys and I had an awesome time still.

My friends decided we couldn't let  my drive be a complete wash so we planned a little mom's night out {MNO}.  My parents put the boys to bed and they had their hubbies at home so we met at a favorite of ours, the Beach House.  Our poor waiter.  He was constantly refilling waters and diet coke (ahem, I won't mention names) for like three hours past us finishing our meal.  I had so many moments of loud belly laughs.  I am beyond thankful for the blessing of friendship God has given me in these relationships.  It was such a great evening.

T H R E E 
Next week is our fifth wedding anniversary.  I can not believe how fast these last 5 years have gone by.  I am so thankful every day for the marriage I have {albeit far from perfect} and the opportunity to share my life with Andrew.  We haven't really done much for our anniversary the past couple of years but this year Andrew has a special weekend planned.  I can't wait to see what it is and just so soak up time with my husband. 

I don't normally talk about work on here but I find such joy from what I do and got the BEST e-mail today. I started out as a Beachbody coach almost 11 months ago more for my personal accountability and health goals.  I had hopes of helping others but never really knew what would come of it.  Well, today I received an e-mail that said out of the 180,000 coaches I was ranked 201! Shut the front door! I could really care less about any of that but to me it means I am making a difference, helping others find health and confidence again.  I am so humbled every time I receive a message from saying that I helped them feel more confident, helped them be more active with their kids, love their body again.  It was a really cool thing to have pop up in  my inbox unexpectedly.

And I don't think I could forget to mention, Father's Day weekend!!! I stinking love Father's Day.  I know that this day is hard for so many which I why I feel even more thankful to be able to share parenthood with my best friend.  And also so thankful for our own dads who are both such amazing men.  The boys and I shopped today for the dad and papa's in our lives.  I can't wait to spoil Andrew on Sunday!!!

This was my boys post shopping. They needed a little pick me up so I stopped and got them some cookies.  Check out those cheesy grins! 

I hope you all have the best weekend! 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Leaving A Legacy

This past week I had a lot of time to reflect.  Hearing the stories of the man Andrew's great-grandpa was, they amazed me.  They humbled me.  They made me grateful.  It was him, and his life for his sweet wife, that built the family that led to my husband.

I saw the friends and family pour into the room for his visitation and funeral.  He and Helen had five children; who went on to have eleven of their own.  Those grand children had kids.  Wayne and Helen saw many of their great-grand children be married and watched at least eight great-great grand children be born.

He saw technology change; leaders rise up; war; depression.  Through it all, he and his wife created this family.

And I thought, "What am I creating?"  I wondered what Andrew and I were doing to leave an impact on the world.  I thought of all the things that the world deems worthy: status, wealth, accolades.  But to me, as I reflected on what was being said about Wayne (Andrew's great grand father), those things were there yes, but it was so much deeper.  Family, faith, integrity, work ethic, character.  Those were the characteristics spoken about.

I sit here, with my two littles sleeping and our third kicking away at my belly, and I am overwhelmed at the task of being their mother.  I am overwhelmed at the magnitude of what this role encompasses.  I want to raise them to be strong men.  Men who are compassionate, loyal and hard working.  Men who have a character that stands up for what is right in the face of what might not be popular.  Men who value the opposite sex and love and respect them as Christ calls them to.

I know that Andrew and I can not accomplish this task alone.  I know it is going to take constant prayer, wisdom from others and us seeking Christ to lead us in every new parenting endeavor.  I also know raising our boys into those kind of men is going to be a result of them having their own deep, personal relationships with God.

That is the largest part of what I want to leave our family. Not only our boys but their families to come.  Of anything I can give my boys, leading them to a strong faith is the greatest gift I can give.  To know that when I leave this Earth I will see them again one day.

The other aspect of Wayne's life that stood out to me was his love; a love that spanned 72 years of marriage.  How amazing is that? In a world where love is such a flippant term and marriage seems to be disposable, to see a love last so long and endure so many ups and downs in life, had me in awe. They were married at the ages of 17 and 21.  (Wayne would be the first to remind you he was younger)  I am sure marrying that young, raising a family and going through the years they did there were ups and downs.  But those tough times were always conquered together.  How much life did they share?  And as I looked at the family in the room, there were so many strong marriages represented.

I know that my marriage isn't perfect.  What marriage is? But I don't ever want my boys to grow up thinking marriage is perfect.  I want my boys to look at Andrew and I's marriage and relationship and see love.  Love that continues to fight when things aren't rosy; love that loves in the midst of flaws; love that gives and builds up; love that is respectful and submissive.  I hope my boys see that.  I hope we leave our boys with a marriage of many years, an example of how to love like Christ commands us to love.

If Andrew and I can accomplish that, I feel like I will have accomplished everything. If at my life's end those are the things my children and their children remember, what a blessing.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend Recap

Helloooo!!! I feel like I have been so disconnected this past week! I H-A-T-E that feeling.  I was way behind on all my favorite blogs and I just don't like that!

Our weekend actually felt quite long for the very fact that our family left mid-morning on Wednesday to head back to Decatur for Andrew's great-grandfather's visitation.  Even though his health was declining and we knew this was coming, I still don't think one can ever really be prepared.  So we were in Decatur Wednesday through this afternoon.  It was super busy so let's just dive right in.

Wednesday night we had the visitation.  Andrew's great-grandpa lived well into his eighties and, this is my favorite, was married to Andrew's great-grandmother (still living) for 72 years.  72 PEOPLE! Let that sink in! I sat there and couldn't help but think of the legacy he built (more on that later).  After the visitation we went with the rest of Andrew's family to his grandparents' pizza shop.  No, pizza is not on my meal plan and no I didn't really eat in  moderation.  But you have to understand that this pizza is so stinking good and we hadn't had it in forever.  It was really nice to catch up with all of Andrew's family that was in town.  He has so many family members spread out across the US it was good to see them, even though the circumstances were hard.

Thursday was a gorgeous day.  It had been really hot and muggy all week but Thursday it was sunny with a breeze, not humid.  I loved that it was like that for the funeral.  Again, the one point that continued to strike me as so many spoke of great-grandpa was the legacy he built.  When you live 89 years, you see a lot of life.  But what an incredible impact you can make during that time. 

By Thursday night we were all pretty exhausted.  Andrew and I hadn't had much time with the boys so we took them to the park after dinner to play.  I love seeing Hudson get over his fear of heights and climb higher on the jungle gym and go down slides without fear.  Oh, and Beau seriously tried to jump off the equipment and thought it was hilarious.

Andrew had planned to take Friday morning off because I had my glucose doctors appointment.  Instead of driving back to only work a half day on Friday (my doctor is an hour away from Pittsfield) he just took Friday off and we stayed in Decatur.  I went to my appointment and all was well.  The baby was moving like crazy from that disgusting sugar drink.  I seriously don't think I will ever get past how horrible it is.  Every time.  My doctor and I discussed a date for the baby's arrival.  I have had two previous c-sections and though I feel better than ever this pregnancy, risking a VBAC just doesn't seem reasonable to me.  That conversation definitely made it real and reminded me how close we are to meeting our new little man. 

That afternoon I worked out while the boys were napping.  My parents just sold their house and are having a huge moving sale.  They are seriously downsizing so Andrew got to help my dad with some packing and moving.  Bless his heart.  That evening we went to Andrew's aunt and uncle's house for a weinie roast.  All of his family was still in town and since we are all rarely together, we had one last evening.  His aunt and uncle have a beautiful home set way back from the main road.  It backs up to a wooded area and has a huge pond.  Our  boys loved it.  Andrew even took them out for a spin on the paddle boat.  They fished and had s'mores.  Total perfect night in their eyes.

Saturday we went to breakfast with my parents.  We were going to come to town Saturday for a graduation party anyway but having the whole day we decided to utilize our time..and our resources.  Our current town doesn't have much for shopping nearby so we made up for it.  Andrew and my dad took Hudson for a haircut.  There is a newer barbershop in town and Hudson thinks he is such a big boy going there.  And he desperately needed a cut!! While they were gone, my mom and I took Beau to get things for the nursery.  Last week I posted about how Andrew and I finally decided to get on that.  We got EVERYTHING we needed to get this nursery done.  We found bedding, a rug, curtains, paint, some wall decor.  When we got home, I ordered the rest of the decor that was unique for the room.  I seriously think this nursery might be my favorite.  I just love all the colors.  It doesn't really have a theme but all the decor is so sweet and simple and very boy.  Oh--and it hints to the name.  I can't wait to get it finished and post pictures. 

Beau's Nursery--super simple.  We also had a navy blue dresser I redid in there, which the boys now share.

Hudson's Nursery: Argyle Accent Wall.  I loved painting that thing.  It was bold and I am sure the next occupants painted right over it but it was the first space we created for someone else. 

Saturday evening we had a graduation party for one of the sweetest high school girls I know.  Andrew and I simply adore this family.  We babysat for their 5 kiddos in college and those kids, and their parents, got in our hearts deep.  Alex was a junior bridesmaid in Andrew and I's wedding.  She is smart, athletic, kind, loyal.  She is a good friend and has a level head.  She is the kind of girl I would pray my daughter (if I had one) would grow up to be.  She is the kind of girl I pray my boys meet one day as their future spouses.  She is that special.  My two boys, who Alex has babysat (talk about full circle) love going over to the Berry residence.  And Al's mom, Kelly, throws the best parties.  Her home is one you walk into and immediately feel welcome.  It is inviting and smells great and you literally feel like you could take a nap on the couch or raid their pantry.  So homey.  

Andrew and I left that party and, since my mom was also in attendance, left the boys with her and snuck away for a little date.  I know those moments just the two of us are going to be few and far between come August so in the midst of preparing for the baby and spending special time with our boys, we are trying to take some time for the two of us as well.

Today we went to church, had lunch with the folks, and packed it all up.  As much as I hate leaving our family, our Pittsfield house has become home.  I feel at peace when I walk through the door.  Our boys get settled.  It might be small and it may not be our forever house, but for now it is where we are building our memories, and our family. It is part of the journey in the legacy I hope to leave our family with. 

How was your weekend? 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend just flew by! It was another busy one but such a goodie.  I am loving all the fun activities we have had together these past few weekends.  We are definitely trying to soak up as much time as a family of four as possible before August.  And our guys are at such fun ages.  I mean, yes, Beau still is in diapers but they both know the routine of leaving, can eat a snack on their own in the car.  They are just over all more independent and excitable which makes outings much more fun!

Saturday was a long day that started early.  Our nephews were turning 3 and 1 and were having their birthday party.  It is a bit of a drive so we left right after breakfast.  Being the wonder mom that I am, I totally forgot to put in a couple of drinks for the boys.  So we made a pit stop half way there to refuel {aka get drinks and some snacks} Our boys do really well in the car but if they start to get hangry, it goes downhill pretty quickly.

The party was really cute. My sister-in-law always makes the boys cakes. She had little Mike and Suly smash cakes that were really sweet. There were quite a few kids there.  They played outside and inside.  Then had cake.  It was really sweet.  My boys love time with their cousins. {And yes.  You see no pictures.  I have not a one from the weekend.  Shame}

After the party it was lunch time so my mom joined us for lunch.  My boys, AGAIN, sat on the same side of the booth.  Acted like total crazies.  Not the crazies that you stare at in a restaurant praying they are almost done.  Just little goofy things.  They seriously had us in stitches.

We are on the hunt for a newer car for Andrew.  His Jeep is paid off but we want something a little more family friendly so we stopped and looked at a car he had been researching on our way home.  I HATE car shopping.  I don't think there is anything worse.  

By the time we got home it was after 5.  So this mama did what any mama would do and sent Andrew out for pizza while I bathed the boys.  Then they had a little pizza picnic and watched Nut Job.  It was cute. 

Sunday wasn't eventful.  We had church and then came home for lunch.  It started storming so the boys had to play inside.  I love how well they play together {most of the time}.  I can't wait to watch their friendships grow as they get older.  

Andrew and I finally decided that we should probably get started on this nursery thing.  Ha! I am really OCD and type A and had nurseries for either gender picked out so we could jump right in after the gender was revealed with Hudson and Beau.  I don't know what is going on with me and #3 but I just have not been on it.  I did find some inspiration (via Pinterest) so Sunday I started hunting down the items I wanted and making  my list.  I can't wait to get it all done and post up some pictures.  

Oh--and we may have decided on a name.  Large emphasis on the may there. 

While the boys napped I did laundry and cleaning while Andrew did some outside work.  The boys played outside after nap.  For dinner we grilled out and ate outside.  

Nothing special or out of the ordinary spectacular.  But I sat back and surveyed my little family, I was overwhelmed with how blessed and grateful I felt.  Just listening to Beau and his phrases and hearing Hudson's giggle.  The simplest things in life are often the ones I cherish the most.  

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too! On to June! :)