Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday: Anniversary Edition

Happy Friday everyone!! Thanks again to our amazing hostesses for this awesome link up! I love finding new blogs to read and connect to!

In honor of TODAY being our 5th wedding anniversary, I am doing my Five on Friday about special day!

We were married outdoors.  I love a good outdoor wedding.  We choose June because, well, I didn't want to wait for July or August and May was too busy with college graduation.  June 20 was chosen because I simply love even numbers. Call it my inner nerdiness, call it OCD, but it had to be even.  It was a beautiful day but it was HOT.  That is one thing we hear, even five years later that we had a beautiful wedding but my goodness it was hot!

We had a large wedding party.  Our wedding party pictures were stunning. Not why we did it but definitely a perk.  I think every bride should have a picture of the groom when he first sees her.  I love the emotion in Andrew's eyes that day.  I love every detail of that day still: flower choices, dresses, all of it. I'd still pick outdoors. 

Our reception fortunately was indoors! We had it at a ballroom in Decatur.  It is used a lot for wedding receptions and other events.  We actually had our junior prom in that same ballroom, to which Andrew was my date.  It is a really pretty room and pretty much a blank canvas to do what you want with.  We had a sit down dinner.  One thing I hate is really long receptions..not time wise but as far as down time.  So Andrew and I greeted and visited guests during dinner and did a lot of the obligatory dances during dinner too.  That way we could get right to our guests enjoying the night! 

Andrew's best man had the best speech!

First Dance.  We danced to Book of Love by Peter Gabriel. 

T H R E E 
I think the details of the wedding are important.  I sure felt that way during planning.  I browsed magazines, watched wedding planning shows {I am sure those don't even air anymore}. I can only imagine what my Pinterest board would have looked like.  I would definitely say my style was very classic.  I didn't want a lot of fuss but wanted the flowers cake, and beauty of the setting (both at our wedding and reception to be enough).  But for the sake of fun, here is my Wedding Day Pinterest board if I were getting married now.

Music. I wanted our songs to be ones I'd remember; ones I wouldn't hate in 5 years; and ones that weren't super typical.  My bridesmaids walked down the aisle to We Are Man and Wife by Michelle Featherstone.  Confession: I was {AM} a die hard OTH fan! The first time I heard this song was on the episode of Haley and Nathan's second wedding (the big ceremony before their limo went off the bridge with Nathan inside. Are you reliving that episode with me) That song still brings tears to my eyes. The lyrics-ah! Still ring so true.  I walked down the aisle to a trumpet playing the traditional bridal march.  I loved it.  It was different and I don't know.  I just loved it! During our ceremony, we had two really great people sing a duet to Big and Rich's "Lost in This Moment." Perhaps overplayed but I didn't care.  I loved the lyrics.  And since we had some special people perform that song it was even more special.  Our first dance was to "Book of Love" by Peter Gabriel.  I just love this song.  The lyrics are so true.  There seems to be so many rules in the Book of Love.  We sure don't get them all right but if anyone is going to read to me, or dance with me, I wanted it to be Andrew. 

F I V E 
We went on our honeymoon the day after the wedding.  We went to the Bahamas.  It was beautiful and we had the best time! Totally indulging in the things to do and just the excitement of finally being married!! If there was anything I could do is take the day after the wedding to rest and relive the day.  Fly out on a Monday.  We were so tired when we flew out.  We both say we would change that!

I know that the a  marriage is about so much more than a day. So much more than an event.  It is wonderful to look back on that day but I love to look at where we are now.  It has been five years, a myriad of moves, two babies, a miscarriage, another on the way.  Learning how to live with another, accepting the flaws, forgiving instead of fighting, knowing when to say I am sorry, laughing at and with one another often, sharing each other's burdens and fears.  Being strong when the other is not.  I loved Andrew wholly and fully the day we got married but I love him so much more now.  We have shared life together.  I can not wait to share each and every day and year that is to come with the man that waited for me at the end of the aisle. 

And just for's a bump date. 30 weeks 


  1. You look great, girly. I can't wait to see pictures of the new little Bruce boy...your other two are just precious!

  2. You are such a beautiful pregnant (and non-pregnant) woman! :)

    Loved learned more about your wedding! It looked awesome! We flew out for our honeymoon on Monday instead of Sunday and we were SO glad that we did. We needed that day to rest and get organized the day after the wedding. You were such a beautiful bride!


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