Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm still alive

Hello blog world!

First--hats off to you mamas (especially those who have just had babies) who blog regularly and are witty and just seem to have it all together! I keep wanting to sit down and blog about our life but oh my goodness life is H-E-C-T-I-C! I seriously get interrupted from said blogging about a billion times.  Which I hate because {one} the reason behind this blog is to document our lives and I want to remember all this time because I am sure I won't with as little sleep as I have been going off of!

So here is me committing to {trying} getting my act together and blogging more! I try to keep up on all the blogs I love to read but even that is falling to the wayside! {WAHHH!!!}

So let's just keep it short and sweet today.  Here are some pics that I have neglected to post the past few weeks.
Just adoring their brother

Recovering together..that is what motherhood looks like. 
Exhausted :)

So sweet! 

Gas smiles I'm sure


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hudson's First Day

I am not sure how we even got here.  I seriously feel like I was just bringing this little man home from the hospital in frigid temperatures after a crazy blizzard. I don't think Andrew has ever driven that careful before.

But Tuesday morning came and even though it had been marked on our calendar for months, I still wasn't really ready in my heart.

On Monday night, we picked out Hudson's first day outfit.  We checked {and re-checked} his backpack to make sure he had all this paperwork, supplies and things ready.  I put together his teacher's back to school gift and wrote out his little first day sign.

That morning Andrew stayed home from work to take Hudson to school with me.  We got our boys ready for the day.  Hudson was excited but nervous.  He was a little ball of energy but not in his normal way.  He had talked about school all summer but I think he was a bit hesitant of actually leaving us for the morning.

Andrew and I kept talking with him about what he would do and learn; all of his friends who were at their own preschools.

I don't think these next stages are ever going to get easier.  I don't think the firsts will be easier with Beau or Gabe just because I've "done them already" with Hudson.  I don't think seeing them get big and need me less will ever be something I enjoy.  But I do know God created each of my boys for great things.

Hudson- I pray that you do well this year.  Not just academically, although I hope you learn lots! But I pray you DO well.  I pray you are the hands and feet of Jesus to your classmates.  I pray that you are kind and gentle and a friend to everyone.  I pray that you are respectful.  I pray that you are eager to learn and to help others.  I pray that you find joy in learning.  I pray that you are safe each time I release you into the care of your teacher.  I pray that God puts a passion in your heart for learning, one that will carry you to new heights each year.  I pray that you use your talents and abilities for Jesus.  I pray that your teachers and your dad and I seek out what those are and encourage them.  I pray that as you grow and learn, your faith will grow too! I am so thankful that you are in an environment where you will learn about Jesus and his love for you! 

Go and do great things, sweet boy! God has so much planned for you! I can't wait to see what is in store!!

Weekend Recap: Labor Day

Man it is hard to find time to blog while juggling our new addition and settling into life! I feel a bit disconnected from reading my favorites but such is life! We will find our rhythm and routine again! (Right???)

All last week Andrew took off work to be home with us and it was amazing.  If we could ever find a way for us to both work from home I would do it! I (and the boys) adored having him with us! We knew we wanted to spend the weekend soaking up his last few days off.

On Saturday, we woke up and got everything ready for a quick trip back to Decatur.  My uber-talented friend was squeezing us in for a newborn/family session. I can not even tell you how excited I am to get these photos back.  I had her do some shots of just Gabe of course but I really wanted to capture our family in this new stage.  So she shot some of just the brothers, the boys with Andrew, the boys with me, and some family too! Don't worry, I will post those up as soon as we get them! :)

After pictures we stopped at one of our favorite spots back home to grab some lunch.  My mom met us because she was coming to stay this week with us.  Since I had a section I am technically not allowed to pick up anything heavier than Gabe or drive for two weeks.  I am not so good about that but having an extra set of hands while I try to figure out how to wrangle three kids, three and under is BEYOND helpful! I am so grateful to have her here with is!

By the time we got home on Saturday everyone was pretty tired.  We ate dinner, got baths and watched a bit of Pocahontas. {I taped it for the boys weeks ago and they love the music} Needless to say we all slept hard.  Well, in between feedings.  Which {sidenote} currently, are about every 2-3 hours.  Could be better, could be worse.  But Gabe is such an easy baby.  He goes right back to sleep after his feeding.

On Sunday I woke up to the scent of blueberry muffins and the sounds of my big boys giggling at the kitchen table.  Gammy had them up and ready for the day! It was so sweet! Sunday was hot and muggy but the boys wanted to be outside.  I sat with Gabe in the shade and it wasn't bad at all.  Andrew set up the boys mini pool and put their slide with it.  They had so much fun sliding into the water, playing with water guns and dumping buckets on each other!

After a busy day outside, that evening we took it easy.  We rented The Lego Movie and made a big pile of blankets and pillows on the floor.  We also made brownie sundaes, something that I don't think we've ever made together but they sure were good! Hudson was very into the movie.  Beau, not so much. Gabe pretty much slept through it! ;)

On Monday, we planned to keep the day low-key.  The past week had been extremely busy with multiple trips to Springfield, then a trip to Decatur and a new baby...we just knew we needed to get back on a schedule at our house.  We spent the day watching movies, playing inside, and getting Hudson's things ready for his big first day of preschool on Tuesday.

I hated to see last week end, having everyone at home.  But I am looking ahead to fall and it's glory! I can not wait for all the fun my favorite season brings!