Thursday, June 18, 2015

Favorite On-screen Dads

Since Father's Day is right around the corner I thought I would do a little post about some of my favorite on-screen dads.

I love TV and movies and I love how great characters can get deep into our hearts. They make us laugh, cry, think.  We find ourselves wanting them to be part of our lives. So below are some of my all time favorites!

I used to watch this sitcom with my brothers in high school.  I would laugh hysterically at the antics of Ray's crazy parents.  But he put up with it all. He was humorous, likeable, and cared about his family, even those that drove him crazy. I always wanted to be at the kitchen table in the middle of one of those conversations where his whole family was constantly chiming in.
Ray Barone
Everybody Loves Raymond

This is one of the first shows I remember watching growing up.  But even before the show, my mom would read the Little House series to my brothers and I.  I loved imagining what it would be like to live back then, in a home without electricity, where going to the store was an event.  I loved the way Pa was in those stories and on the show.  I loved how was strong, firm, loving. I think every house could use someone like that. 
Charles Ingalls
Little House on the Prairie

This movie breaks  my heart and makes me cheer the entire time. The love Will Smith's character possessed for his son. The fuel in his heart to give him better, to show him every day the meaning of not giving up.  Totally pulls on my heartstrings. 
Christ Gardner
The Pursuit of Happyness

I don't think you can have a list of dads without Danny Tanner. I loved watching this show.  I wanted to be a Tanner. Two sisters, a house with two staircases, endless amounts of fun from all the adults in your home?? Sign me up! What I love now is sharing this show with my boys! They love the episodes of younger Michelle. They get her! ;) 
Danny Tanner
Full House

If you can't tell, I am a child of the 90s. As I got older it may have been more of my J.T.T. crush but nonetheless, I loved Home Improvement. I remember Tim always making us laugh yes, but still having the important conversations needed with his kids. I still remember the finale episode.  *tear*
Tim Taylor
Home Improvement

Who didn't grow up on the Cosby's?? Just trying to find an image I was flooded with images of the many "faces" of Cliff Huxtable.  He was funny.  He was fair.  He didn't take any nonsense either.  I loved watching him and Claire interact too. They just seemed to have it all together when they had each other! 
Cliff Huxtable
The Cosby Show

This movie!! If you are a parent, you have to see it. Especially if you are a father! I so believe that the role of a father really sets the tone for a family. Not that a mother doesn't have a presence and an equal impact, but there are so many things my husband can give to my children, teach them, that I simply can't. I love the idea of code, so to speak, a standard to live by and to live up to. What an example! 
The 4 fathers of Courageous

This show is one of my favorites.  Even reruns now.  Yes, they seem a little cheesy but my goodness, the values and lessons the show had are unlike those on TV today.  He always made time for his family.  He always showed work ethic, and love, compassion.  Each of his kids were different, and he parented them accordingly.  So many episodes he stood up for his family. Love that dad!
Alan Matthews
Boy Meets World

When I was little my dream wedding was the wedding from this film.  I thought a wedding in my backyard with swans would be ideal. Who doesn't think that? I loved George. I loved how he envisioned his daughter as his little girl and how that feeling never really went away.  I look at my boys now and get it.  They will always be mine.  Letting them go will never be easy. Hopefully when that time arrives for Andrew and I, we can get through it with a little humor. 
George Banks
Father of the Bride/Father of the Bride II

My all time favorite on screen dad is Eric Taylor. This show made me want to pack up and move to Texas.  It made me want to sit down and soak in an evening with him and Tami.  I love football and I love the South.  Those perks aside, I loved the way Coach Taylor was.  The way he parented his daughters, his players and just loved on the people around him.  I loved his gruffness and sensitivity. This dad takes the cake. 
Eric Taylor
Friday Night Lights

Who would you have on  your list of favorite on screen dads??

Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend was one of those simple weekends but one I want to remember forever. 

Andrew left Friday morning to head to our Kentucky property.  He wanted to do some work on it; get it ready for hunting season and just get to know the property better. 

The boys and I had a work morning.  I wanted to get some tasks knocked off our list before we head out to vacation.  They were big helpers playing outside while I cleaned out the van, helping me at the store. 

It was a really hot day Friday. We decided to forgo nap time (Gabe wasn't going down for his afternoon nap well anyway) and have some fun in the backyard with water.  Sprinklers, water table, buckets, squirt guns. They boys were delighted. 

When they had enough of the water (and heat) we came inside to play. I am starting a round of the 21 Day Fix with my challengers on Monday so prepped my breakfasts and some lunches for the next week.  I love prepping food! It makes staying on track so much easier and my grocery budget always seems less. I guess I am more decisive about my meals so less throwing extras into the cart! 

I eat two "muffins" for breakfast. They count as one red and one green.

Gabe is cutting his fourth bottom tooth (giving him a total of EIGHT!) so went to bed earlier than normal! Bless his heart! Cutting teeth, pulling up to everything and moving all over the house wears a guy out! 

The boys and I colored before they went to bed.  It has been something of a habit lately.  I love unwinding after our days, talking about whatever they want, watching them choose colors and create. 

After the boys went to bed, a friend came over to visit for awhile.  You know those friends who you can talk about anything with? Who make you laugh and when they leave you are blessed by your time with them? I am so thankful for the great friends in my life! 

Saturday was a lazy morning.  We slept in. I made breakfast. Nothing that needed immediate attention. No where we had to be. It was pure bliss! We ran out to my mother in law's (my father in law was with Andrew) to see her and the boys' cousins for a bit. We picked up some activities for the boys to take in the car on vacation.  We made it home for lunch and they were all fading fast.  I got all three down for a nap! 

When they woke up I promised them a pizza and movie night. They also requested candy so went on a candy run too! They sure know how to work their mama! ;) 

When we got home from picking out a movie, I gave Hud and Beau haircuts and we played outside.  We took baths a bit earlier than usual and then settled in for our movie night. 

Candy selections made. 

Pizza and apple slices. Simple was the motto of the weekend. 

Andrew got home late Saturday night and our Sunday was a pretty typical one.  We went to church and then to lunch with friends. We got caught up on some work around the house.  

Such a simple weekend but one that was filled with fun! 

This time next week we will be on vacation! Can't wait!