Monday, June 9, 2014

Leaving A Legacy

This past week I had a lot of time to reflect.  Hearing the stories of the man Andrew's great-grandpa was, they amazed me.  They humbled me.  They made me grateful.  It was him, and his life for his sweet wife, that built the family that led to my husband.

I saw the friends and family pour into the room for his visitation and funeral.  He and Helen had five children; who went on to have eleven of their own.  Those grand children had kids.  Wayne and Helen saw many of their great-grand children be married and watched at least eight great-great grand children be born.

He saw technology change; leaders rise up; war; depression.  Through it all, he and his wife created this family.

And I thought, "What am I creating?"  I wondered what Andrew and I were doing to leave an impact on the world.  I thought of all the things that the world deems worthy: status, wealth, accolades.  But to me, as I reflected on what was being said about Wayne (Andrew's great grand father), those things were there yes, but it was so much deeper.  Family, faith, integrity, work ethic, character.  Those were the characteristics spoken about.

I sit here, with my two littles sleeping and our third kicking away at my belly, and I am overwhelmed at the task of being their mother.  I am overwhelmed at the magnitude of what this role encompasses.  I want to raise them to be strong men.  Men who are compassionate, loyal and hard working.  Men who have a character that stands up for what is right in the face of what might not be popular.  Men who value the opposite sex and love and respect them as Christ calls them to.

I know that Andrew and I can not accomplish this task alone.  I know it is going to take constant prayer, wisdom from others and us seeking Christ to lead us in every new parenting endeavor.  I also know raising our boys into those kind of men is going to be a result of them having their own deep, personal relationships with God.

That is the largest part of what I want to leave our family. Not only our boys but their families to come.  Of anything I can give my boys, leading them to a strong faith is the greatest gift I can give.  To know that when I leave this Earth I will see them again one day.

The other aspect of Wayne's life that stood out to me was his love; a love that spanned 72 years of marriage.  How amazing is that? In a world where love is such a flippant term and marriage seems to be disposable, to see a love last so long and endure so many ups and downs in life, had me in awe. They were married at the ages of 17 and 21.  (Wayne would be the first to remind you he was younger)  I am sure marrying that young, raising a family and going through the years they did there were ups and downs.  But those tough times were always conquered together.  How much life did they share?  And as I looked at the family in the room, there were so many strong marriages represented.

I know that my marriage isn't perfect.  What marriage is? But I don't ever want my boys to grow up thinking marriage is perfect.  I want my boys to look at Andrew and I's marriage and relationship and see love.  Love that continues to fight when things aren't rosy; love that loves in the midst of flaws; love that gives and builds up; love that is respectful and submissive.  I hope my boys see that.  I hope we leave our boys with a marriage of many years, an example of how to love like Christ commands us to love.

If Andrew and I can accomplish that, I feel like I will have accomplished everything. If at my life's end those are the things my children and their children remember, what a blessing.

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  1. This was so beautifully written and Wayne sounds like such an inspiring man. A 72 year love is truly amazing! Prayers for your family :)


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