Thursday, January 14, 2016

Life Lately

Around here, it has been a heck of a week. No easing us back into the school and work routine.  Andrew has spent the last three evenings away working late which has made some long(er) days for this mama!

Honestly, when Andrew really dove into his job at this time last year, he traveled WAY more and it was WAY harder because everyone was a year younger.  Trying to really focus  more on the joy in each stage of life (you can read more about some of my goals here), I decided to actively try to thank God throughout out the day.

"Thank you God that Gabe can get a snack out of the snack drawer while I cook dinner so he doesn't just stand at my feet and whine..."

"Thank you God that two are out of diapers and can wipe their own sweet cheeks.."

"Thank you God for these little hands to help me put this laundry into the dryer..."

"Thank you God for friends that live close by to play with (to ensure really good naps at nap time today)..."

I know some of those are silly but keeping a thankful heart really helped me with perspective.  Motherhood is hard. And days without my partner are long but I am so thankful for the responsibility of this task and a Heavenly Father who is always with me to help me through.

I've been making weekly lists lately. Each day I delegate a few tasks to get done. It has helped me be really productive not only in the housework, but in my business, while also making sure I get to spend time with the boys. I used to have things pile up and then spend a whole couple of days trying to get everything done and that wasn't good for anybody. This system is working out nicely!

Gabe got a haircut this week. I just can't bring myself to take him to get his haircut yet. He seems to little for the chair.  And it seriously doesn't take but 10 minutes so way not save myself the hassle.  Isn't he darling??

The boys have also been OBSESSED with games since getting some new ones for Christmas.  I am thrilled we have graduated from Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders (the games that never end, amen?!!?). Headbandz, Guess Who, Pie Face, Minion Memory- all some of our favorites.  It is really fun to watch Hudson and Beau get so animated as we play. And to see their little minds search for the right word, question, or guess.

I'm not sure how much longer we can bathe all three together because, well space and age, but I sure do love their conversations as they get clean and ready for bed each night.

I am halfway through week 3 of my new workout program, Hammer and Chisel, and am loving it!!! It has hands down my new favorite program (and I have done a lot of different at home workouts). Even more than that, I am seeing some awesome results. I am down 7 pounds and several inches in just 2.5 weeks. And my current accountability group are all seeing results too! It is so exciting to be a part of helping other women find inner strength and a path to better health!

That's about it around here! Today was FINALLY a warm day; temperatures in the 50s. The boys and I got some outdoor playtime in after lunch. Two on one soccer, scooter riding, and swinging!

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