Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nine months

How did another month pass by already??!!? This first year with Beau is going waaaayyy too fast! Every day this little boy lights up life with his precious personality.  He is such a fun baby and as much as I want time to slow down, I am in love with all the new things he is learning and how he is changing every day!

Sleep: You are still waking up a couple of times a night.  According to our doctor visit yesterday, you are a *tiny* peanut and need to be getting more calories, which is probably why you are waking up.  You just want to eat and fill that little tummy! But once you are full you are right back to sleep.  You sleep about 12 hours each night and take two naps every day for a couple of hours.  You love your sleep.  And you must have your deer blankie to sleep.  You absolutely love that guy!
The deer blankie is always with us!

Food: To increase your calories, your doctor and I decided to switch you to formula for these next few months.  It was such a hard decision to stop nursing your but I still get plenty of cuddles when we rock and bottle feed.  You transitioned so easily to the formula to and are drinking it up! You still eat three meals a day of baby food but we got the green light to begin giving your more table food.  I can't wait to introduce you to new foods and flavors!

Social: You love watching other people.  You are so intrigued with what is going on around you. You also love outings. To the store, the museum, the zoo, the park. You are into everything- drawers, cabinets, trying to climb stairs! It definitely keeps me busy.  You also pull up to everything and try to walk away (not successfully..yet). You are into whatever your big brother is doing.  You like to be his little shadow.  I love watching you to interact; the sweet things Hudson says to you, the way you laugh when he is being funny.  I pray that you two will always be best friends!

Milestones: You are not only army crawling but crawling on your hands and knees now.  Even more fun is your bear crawl.  That is your method of choice and oh man are you ever fast!!! I can only begin to think of how on my toes I will need to be when you do start walking.

I love you so much Beau! I can't wait to see what the next stages of life bring!

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