Friday, January 24, 2014

#brucebrood2014 Week2/3

Hey everyone!  Since I was a week behind blogging our daily photos I thought I would combine week's two and three so we would be on track for next week! ;)  And this little project, although fun--is kind of HARD! I try to consciously put my phone down when with the boys but at the same time desperately need it to catch some of those sweet moments.  #potdproblems

Anyway, here is a look back on what the Bruce brood has been up to!
Day 7- pretending to have an indoor BBQ. Can you tell we are over the cold in this house?

Day 8- dancing to Frozen on the iPad.  We have HUGE fans in this house.

Day 9- "I may not always hit my mouth but I am using a fork!"

Day 11- Camp out in the basement with the tent! Dad is so much fun :)

Day 12- playing on the last mound of snow. (Little did we know that it would be freezing for the next two weeks straight.)

Day 14- playtime and puzzles with this sweet guy!

Day 15- I never want them to grow out of footie jammies.  Melt. My. Heart

Day 16- his towel is his cape and he is "super duper!!"

Day 17- air mattress, blankets, pillows and snacks.  The boys were loving this movie night!

Check back in with us next week or keep up with us daily on #brucebrood2014!

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