Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Traditions

One thing I always looked forward to when thinking about having my own little family were the traditions we would begin.  I have so many fond memories of traditions that my parents did with my brothers and I that I knew I wanted to make sure to instill traditions into our family also.  Some traditions are ones I grew up with and some are ones Andrew and I are creating with our boys.

Here are some of my favorite holiday traditions:

1. Elf Breakfast
This is one of our first traditions during the holiday season.  The weekend after Thanksgiving, our  boys wake up to our elf's, Jack's, arrival with a special breakfast.  Jack is always center focus on our table and he has brought the boys a little something.

This year I purchased chair backs from Pottery Barn to house the gifts from Jack.  He brought our boys Christmas pjs and a new holiday movie.

2. Christmas Lights
Every year we like to load up and go look at lights.  There are so many neighborhoods that decorate beautifully.  Andrew and I used to be the only ones that would swing through Starbucks and get a hot beverage but this year I *think* we are bumping up the big two to get their own special drinks as we drive around and look.  

3. Christmas Eve Gift
Our boys get to open one present from under our tree on Christmas Eve.  And that gift is new Christmas pajamas to wear as they wait for Santa.  My parents had this tradition when we were younger.  It was something I made Andrew participate in when we got married and we continue it on with our boys!

Is there anything sweeter?

Hudson's pjs via

4. Baking Day
The year I was pregnant with Hudson, my mom, sister-in-law and I began baking Christmas goodies together.  We would spend the day making some of our favorites and then divide up the batches between our families.  It has always been so much fun.  Sometimes we can't all get together with our schedules but on the years it works it is always fun.  And now, I have helpers all my own that are more than happy to mix and taste-test with me in the kitchen!





5. Happy Birthday, Jesus
On Christmas Eve, after celebrating with Andrew's side, that evening we read the Christmas story and celebrate Jesus' birthday.  Before Hudson was born, my mom and I found this wonderful pop-up book that told the story of Jesus' birth in a kid-friendly manner.  After we read the story, we sing happy birthday to Jesus and the boys blow out a candle on a birthday cake we had made. Of all the traditions, I think this one is the most important.  I love the lights and Santa and all the fun, but I want our boys to understand that Jesus is the reason for the season.  That we celebrate his birth all year long because without his birth, we would be without a Savior.  

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