Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Meal Plan and Week 1 of my Fit For Fall Accountability Group

Next week I am starting a BRAND NEW accountability with a group of ladies. The purpose of the group is really create a healthy lifestyle. Every day I see people trying this diet or the next fad that promises results. But so often, what they are trying isn't going to bring about a lasting change.  And that is really all we want, right? To be able to feel our best, look our best and have it last. Or at least, live a lifestyle that helps us maintain what we have achieved and worked hard for.

Each month, I work with my groups and one of my favorite parts of the group, is the meal planning portion. Each program comes with a nutrition guide that spells out specifically a plan for you that works in parternship with your workout program. I create meal plans cor my group members to plug into their plans so they can achieve their best results.  Even more than that, it teaches them how to plan!!! Sometimes we don't even know where it starts when it comes to food, eating healthy and making a plan work FOR us.

I just wrapped up CIZE (you can check out my review and results here) and am continuing on with PiYo. I love this program.  It has been almost a year since I began my first round with this program.  I was well into my second trimester starting my third trimester then and was concerned about if I would be able to keep up.  But the strength, stamina, and flexibility it gave  my body was amazing. And I could totally modify moves as I needed to.  It has been a favorite of mine ever since.

Because PiYo is a high intensity, yet low-impact workout, I have to eat for results.  I try to follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to my eating. I am pretty strict when it comes to my meals.  Dinner has a little more flexibility but that is because I believe in cooking only one meal. Which means, what I eat, my family eats. I have to account for the fact that I am feeding three little ones (one VERY little one) and I that I hate wasting food and having empty tummies leave my table.

Below, is the meal plan I am following for results. When I run an accountability group, I share my plan with the entire group and then go over how to adapt the plan to fit individual needs based on different calorie intake, program guidelines, etc.

You notice the menu is color coded. I do that for those members who are doing the 21 Day Fix/Extreme or use the containers for their meal plans. It keeps it very simple.  (More info about the 21 Day Fix here)

Being part of my groups has it's perks, including me sharing some of my favorite recipes from my go to cookbook, Fixate by Autumn Calabrese. (more info on that here)

I want every person I work with to find success. I want them to take steps towards reaching their goals.  Even more important than that, I want them each to realize that working out and eating healthy is something they have to do to check off their list.  But it is something important to do for themselves. Not just to get results, but to feel their best! 

If you are interested in learning more about how my accountability groups work, meal plans specific to your needs, or any of the programs mentioned, visit my facebook page and let's connect! 

Monday is the big day! Here's to hard work, being prepared, and kicking butt!! :) 

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