Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'd rather scrub toilets at Wrigley Field...

...than pack!!!

Ok- not really but you know what I mean! I dislike LOATHE packing! You would think I wouldn't mind too much since this will be our third (yes, THIRD!) move in our four short years of marriage but I do mind.  It's not that we have a ton of stuff (we have added two boys and their toys so we definitely have more than when we started) it is the organization of packing and moving that drives me crazy!!

For example, last week when I planned my dinner menu (why I am planning a dinner menu for me and my 2 year old is beyond me, but that's an entirely different issue) I did not take into account that Saturday morning I would pack up my 9x13, which I needed last night to make baked ravioli.  No worries- we made it work but see what I mean?! Every time I go to pack a few boxes I am constantly trying to decide if I will need said items before we move.  Then I go through all the ways I might, even slightly need them, and don't pack them.  IT'S MADNESS!!

On a happier note, I need to pack because WE GOT A HOUSE!!! Well, our offer was accepted contingent upon inspection coming back clean.  And inspect we will because this baby is about 100 years old! GASP! I know- completely different from our current home what we purchased barely a year ago! How can our style of home choice change so drastically in such a short time?! Four heinous, little  letters.


That stupid silly little channel has Andrew and I dreaming all kinds of big.  So when we see shows where old homes are restored beautifully (in half an hour, mind you) we are so sure that we could do the same.  *sigh*  Time will only tell.

Our inspection on our old Victorian beauty is next Friday so fingers crossed (read praying constantly) that it all comes up roses.  It was walking through this house that I finally got a twinge of excitement.  I could actually see it redone, raising our family there and hosting countless birthday parties, holidays, and backyard cookouts.  AND- we found it on our four year anniversary.

 See- everything does happen for a reason.

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  1. yay!! so exciting :) I'll send prayers your way that everything goes well for the inspection!


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