Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thick as thieves

Our family has certainly been blessed over the past few years.  Andrew and I welcomed our sweet, first born boy Hudson into the world just over two years ago.  We had no idea the amount of love a heart could for such a little new person.  God definitely taught us a lesson about loving unconditionally by granting us the opportunity to be parents.

Our little peanut on his "due date" We had him a week early.
That same year, both Andrew and I had siblings that welcomed children into this world. My brother and SIL also welcomed a boy, sweet Graham David.

Hudson- 4 months Graham- 2 days

It has been the biggest blessing watching these cousins grow together, develop, learn and change.  It is so funny to me to see how different they are and how they interact.  I think God must have been pleased with His work because once again, Andrew and I, as well as our siblings all welcomed new babies into the world. 

Our sweet Beau 

Our second beautiful nephew, Emmett James

****Sidebar: Am I terrible aunt or what? I do not have any snapshots of my beautiful nieces as newborns...just their professional shots.  I must work on getting those on here (after the move perhaps!) 

So today my SIL, Rachel, and I braved the heat and took all four boys to the zoo.  It was the best time! They were so adorable running to the different animals, running between our strollers, running between the throng of people...basically running until we had to strap them back in their strollers.

Sweet Hudson and Graham (Note the fedora and Under Armour tee. Kid has swag!) 

Two peas in a pod 

After about an hour in the heat we decided that these boys (and their mamas!!) needed some sustenance and fast.  So we packed them all up and high-tailed it to McDonald's. I so wish you all could have seen us with our baby carries in one arms, diaper bags flung over the shoulders, with our two little monkeys in the middle holding hands, mamas just trying to keep up.

It's days like today that I am so grateful for the way God has blessed my boys.  Not only do they have cousins the same age, I know they will both have lifelong friends; aunts and uncles who pray for them daily and will aid Andrew and I in guiding them towards wise decisions.  As I think about who they will be years down the road as young adults, I am so grateful for days like today and the memories that were made.

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