Monday, July 1, 2013

Your husband does what?

First off, before I start today's post, let me start out by saying thank you to everyone who has congratulated us, wish us well, and has prayed for our family as we are transitioning to this new phase in our lives! We are beyond blessed by your encouragement and love for us.  It means so much to have your support.  Thank you a million times!


So since announcing our move, and it being based on Andrew getting a new job, many people are asking, "What is your husband doing?"  In short- accounting.  Andrew graduated from Millikin University with a degree  in accounting.  He worked at a public firm during college as an intern before working there full time right out of college.  He took a brief break from the accounting world before returning to it in 2011.

However- the short answer wouldn't quite cut it.  Why move from your entire life two hours away if you are going to be doing the same thing? The EXACT question that went through my mind, people! Except this accounting job is not the same thing; not in the least.

Andrew is S-M-A-R-T when it comes to numbers and math and formulas and problem solving.  I mean, the kid is quick (which is extremely helpful when shopping and trying to figure out how much the discount will save me. e.e- can I buy this and afford another top/shoe/dress, fill in the blank? That's just boy math vs. girl math)   Yet- as we all know, just because you are good at something doesn't necessarily give you a passion for it.  Having a skill and it being your passion are not always harmonious. That was the case for Andrew.  He was good at his job, but he didn't love the work.  As his wife, it was hard for me to identify with how he was feeling because I LOVED my job.  Teaching was something I felt *good* at and I was also passionate about.  I loved going to school and seeing my kids (Don't get me wrong; not every day was rainbows and sunshine!).  As Andrew's wife, I tried to encourage his talents and his passions.  We talked through what he wanted to do; what would interest him; what could he be passionate about?  But Andrew and I have a family. And sometimes taking risks or stepping out and doing something new seemed too scary.  We like the known vs. unknown in the Bruce household.  So Andrew continued to diligently work and provide for our family but I don't feel like he was ever super content with his 9-5 routine.

On the flip side, Andrew has ALWAYS been content with the outdoors.  Sports, hunting, fishing.  That is where Andrew is at peace.  He excels when he works with his hands. He has patience to sit all day and wait for the perfect shot with his bow or gun.  It is his heaven on earth.  Andrew never rarely reads but when he wants to learn about attracting a big buck, sharpening your archery skills or any other hunting related topic, he could pore over information for hours.  He loves to watch shows on the outdoor channel about a whole slew of hunting subjects.  It was through his *research* of all things hunting that he began watching a television show, "Whitetail Properties."

Whitetail Properties is based in Pittsfield, IL but does business throughout various states in the US.  The company began in 2007 with the goal to match clients to pieces of land for agricultural and recreational purposes.  Since 2007 the company has expanded to selling land in more than 15 states.  Although it is based in Pike County, it has real estate agents located in many of those states.  In addition to the real estate branch, the company also produces a television show under the same title that can be found on various channels.  The show highlights how to utilize your land to grow and hold mature bucks while also highlighting hunts and advertising current plots of land for sale.

Needless to say, when Andrew stumbled upon an opening for an accountant with this company it was as if the heavens opened up.  Using a skill in a company that highlights your passion? It was something that I had always wanted for Andrew.  It is definitely a huge leap of faith.  But I can honestly say, talking to my husband each night and seeing and hearing the passion and excitement in his voice about his job, is reassurance enough for me.  The people of this company, the few that I have met, also aid in putting me at ease.  They stand for integrity and hard work and honesty.  I am so proud that Andrew is able to work for a company like that.

So now when you wonder where we are going (where's Pittsfield?!) and what Andrew will be doing, I hope you have a little more insight into this new chapter.

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