Monday, November 4, 2013

Bucket List #10--CHECK!

Ok so I don't really have a written out bucket list nor do I even know what number this would have been on my bucket list but let's just go with it, shall we?

My last post was all about Halloween. I still can't believe that Halloween has come and gone and November is coming in full-force.  Every weekend of October (and now November) was scheduled with something. Normally this is where I would insert a frowny face but, honestly, every single thing on our calendar was fun and added some sweet time with either my boys, my husband (or both!), my extended family, or my friends.  Blessed is an understatement.

But back to my bucket list.  The last weekend in October had been in the books since August.  Way back when, I registered for the Rock N Roll Run in St. Louis.  This series is so fun and done all over the United States. It has bands along the course playing music and the spirit of the race is pure fun.  So, not being a runner, EVER I registered for the 1/2 marathon.  I printed out my Hal Higdon training sheet, scheduled some long runs with my running buddy, Jenny, and began running.  It turns out, I AM a runner. (Truth be told I think anyone can be!)

Since Andrew hadn't been home since we moved, we decided to make the most out of our weekend.  We headed back to Decatur Friday afternoon.  We planned on staying with Andrew's parents Friday night and then having my parents pick up the  boys to spend Saturday with them.  After having dinner with Andrew's family, Andrew and I got the boys' things all ready for the night, left our instructions, and headed out to watch some high school football.  I don't know about you, but I adore football.  And there is just something about high school football that I can't get enough of.  Call it the dancer in me that performed under the Friday night lights season after season but I love it.  It was the perfect game for us to go to.  Our high school alma mater was playing the high school of the former school I taught.  Both teams happened to have really good friends of ours on the coaching staff.  So we got to see both friends coach, and I got to catch up with the fiance of one coach and the wife of the other after the game. There is nothing like a night of football and friends!

The next morning, after breakfast with Andrew's parents and the boys, more instructions, an instructional text to my mom, we loaded up and headed over to meet our friends to make our trip to St. Louis.  You may remember Jenny from my post back here and that she is part of the best mama's group ever so needless to say the *entire* two plus hour car ride (yes, there was traffic) was spent catching up on everything under the sun.

We spent that day walking around and eating.  You have to prepare if you are going to run 13.1 miles!! :)

Us with our bibs!

The runners!

Heading out to dinner

Lucas Park Grille had amazing food and drinks!

The start time for the race was 7:00 am and Tony was in the third corral so we had to be down there early.  My sweet friend, Teran, sent Jenny and I with these little goodie bags full of things runners use which came in so handy because breakfast at our hotel didn't open until 6:30 and we were leaving before then. So we readied ourselves, downed a Luna bar and made our way to the starting line.  It was still dark when we left our hotel but there was something so cool about the city being quiet except for the other runners joining you to make their way to the starting line.

You can check your bag while you run so we did that and took one last picture before heading to our corrals.  (It was a wave start based on the time you thought you would finish.)

The weather was supposed to be in the thirty's at the start of the race but I don't think it ever got that cold.  But it was definitely a chilly start. I am not going to bore you with details of Jenny and I's conversation over the course of 13.1 miles or the thoughts that ran through my head as we ran the streets of that beautiful city.  But I will say that at about mile 11 my eyes starting watering because I thought of how awesome it was to be doing this.  To be able to run, to run alongside a friend, alongside thousands of others.  It was an overwhelming feeling.  I then had to quickly get it together because mama had two more miles to complete.

That final stretch was exhilarating.  Words can't describe.  Tony had already finished and Andrew had found him and they were waiting at the finish for us.  Sappy moment- Jenny and I hadn't run together in a month because of the move and our finish time was 2 seconds a part.  We never had to talk about our pace; it just happened.  Ok, moving on.

I told you this race was about pure fun so while we waited for Jared to finish (he was literally right behind us) we went and got our free beer for finishing! I told myself it would help with the achy muscles.

I am so glad I signed up back in August; back when running three miles was my MAX!  It was the best feeling.  I can't wait to run another!

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