Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday

Did this week just fly by?? Seriously! We have a busy little day planned to get ready for all the fun we are doing this weekend! Linking up again with Darci, April, Christina, and Natasha for Five on Friday! Love this linky party! Always so fun and I find so many new blogs. :)

Happy Memorial Day! I love the start of summer and our weekend is filled with fun with boys and some fun projects around our house but I always hope I remember the true reason for this holiday.  I have always respected the military, their families and the sacrifice but this past year even more so after getting to know personally so many military wives whose husbands are/have been deployed this year.  They hold a special place in my heart for sure.

Tomorrow we are taking the boys to the zoo in St. Louis.  The weather is supposed to be perfect.  And Hudson and Beau are obsessed with our small hometown zoo so I know they are going to be really excited to see even larger animals.  We have been talking about our little trip all week, even making a countdown chart for Hudson. {Sometimes we mamas can only hear the same question so many times :) }

We have been sprucing up the outside of our home the past couple of weeks.  While the boys and I were visiting friends, Andrew we did the very front flower bed area.  The boys and I went and got flowers for the window boxes and pots on our porch earlier in the week.  Now we are FINALLY painting the front door and shutters.  Andrew is now a believer that it needs done.  And since I systematically chose coordinating flower colors that would make the new door/shutters pop, he is totally getting my vision.  I wrote about the color ideas I had way back here.  And here is a little before teaser. I am hoping these changes make others love our house so when we are ready to sell, they are ready to BUY! HA!

I am planning on getting maternity/family pictures done before the baby arrives.  I have been terrible about getting the boys pictures  but my go to photog friend had triplets so has been pretty busy! I am trying to decide when to get these done.  I am due the third week in end of July? Beginning of August? How close to your due date did you schedule maternity pictures? I love lifestyle and candid.  These are sweet..

And, let's just wrap this up with a bump update, shall we?
25 weeks

How far along: I will be 27 weeks this week! Almost third trimester, what!?

Gender: Boy (#3)

Weight Gain: 15 pounds

Maternity clothes: I am still wearing basically all my regular clothes.  A few maxi skirts I have are maternity. I am sure I will need some more as my belly grows these last months!

Movement: ALL the time! Super busy little guy but more so in the evening post after-dinner walk.

Sleep: I am still sleeping just fine. I still sleep on my side.  I just have really weird dreams! Ha!

Miss Anything: My flat tummy! Ha! I am starting to feel HUGE!

Cravings: Ice Cream...but I have been resisting! I think it is more me than the baby!

Labor Signs: None

Wedding Rings: On!

Looking forward to: Getting more things ready for the baby.  This summer will be so busy so I am sure we need to prep a little more. Oh how things change by the time the third baby comes along! ;)


  1. I've heard awesome things about the St. Louis zoo! I'm sure your boys will love it!
    Your house is so cute! Love the window boxes.
    I did maternity photos and am so glad I have them.
    You look great for 27 weeks!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Your house is adorable! And, you are the cutest pregnant lady! I'm pretty sure my 27-week bump was HUGE compared to your precious one! Happy Friday!

  3. You are adorable! As is your house - so cute :) Love the maxi dress you're wearing in your last picture! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. How was the zoo?!?! We are fixing up our front flower bed this week!! I need to go back and read your post about the colors. Love your house! The family photos are great too :)

    Hope your weekend was good!

    1. It was really fun, Kelli! I just finished our recap of the weekend! It's amazing what a little color and some fresh plants can do! :)


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