Thursday, April 23, 2015


Over two years ago, I was heading back to work after having my second baby via c-section and having gall bladder removal surgery (just three weeks after baby..yeah, no bueno). I was really self-conscious about my body, none of my clothes fit, and I was just plain depressed.

Now, you must know, I was a girl all about a quick fix. I had been trying pills, shakes, diets since high school.  Nothing ever worked.

I had seen several posts from a friend while pregnant. She was working it OUT and looking fabulous.  I mustered up some courage to message her and see what she was doing.  She told me about an at home workout program and Shakeology.  The workout seemed great.  It looked really fun and I felt like it might actually, FINALLY be something I could do but Shake-what?? I had tried shakes.  They never worked. I told my friend, thanks but no thanks.  Well, this friend convinced me to try.  And of course, I caved.  Because y'all know that feeling when you're desperate you will try anything!

Well Shakeology has been in my pantry every day since.  I was wrong. It wasn't like the other shakes I tried.  It did work.  And now, two years later, I still drink it.  I believe in the product with my whole heart.  So much so that I will recommend it to others.  That I carry samples for others to try. For real.

Let me tell why Shakeology changed my mind.

Shakeology is way more than any other shake.
It has over 70 ingredients.  It has nutrients my body needs and craves.  I noticed not only a difference in my waistline over time, but my energy levels went up; my skin and hair looked better; I slept better. And, for the first time since my gallbladder surgery, my digestion seemed to be better.  Talk about a victory!

Shakeology was safe for me to drink while nursing (and while pregnant!).
I was a nursing mom when I first began my workout and Shakeology.  I had a two month old.  When I looked through the ingredients and checked with my doctor, I got the green light.  There weren't fillers, artificial sweeteners, or other junk in this shake. I loved that I was getting what my body needed and was passing that on to my son as well.  When I got pregnant with my third, my OB also gave me the green light.  She loved that I was doing something so good for my body.  And, I had the healthiest pregnancy out of the three. Not always the case as you have more kids.

Shakeology helped me overcome my sugar addiction.
I love sweets, y'all. I could find a reason to have dessert or celebratory sweet every day.  Multiple times a day.  And even though I had tried in the past, I had never been able to really overcome my sweet addiction.  It would derail any and all efforts I made.  When I began drinking Shakeology, I noticed my cravings for sugar began to diminish.  I swear by chocolate.  Each day, I felt like I got my chocolate fix.  And if I wanted to make my shake "sweeter" there were tons of decadent recipes that were still healthy and would keep me on track.

Shakeology saved me money.
Wait--what?? You may have heard that ShakeO is expensive.  But when I looked at what it cost per serving, it was spending more making another meal.  My monthly bag of Shakeology takes care of a whole months worth of meals for me.  I noticed that our grocery bill started to be less.  Not only because Shakeology was replacing a meal, but because it was taking care of cravings.  So junk I was buying before--not anymore.  Processed snacks for the kids? They were eating healthier stuff too! They even requested my "milkshake" for snacks! So the money I was saving on groceries went to Shakeology. Win-win!

I am really thankful for this product.  Yes, I'm a coach.  No, I'm not a salesperson.  I just love sharing things I love. Nail polish, recipes, book reviews. This is the same thing. I'd be silly not to share it with you! ;) Thanks for indulging me today!

***If you are interested in trying it, I would love to get some samples your way. Just leave a comment and I will connect with you. 

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