Monday, October 10, 2016

The Waiting Phase

We have gotten so much support since Andrew and I announced our plans to adopt. The messages and comments and questions have all been really awesome. It is neat to find out from others who have experienced adoption; to hear their perspectives, their stories, their passion surrounding such a decision. Each story breathes new excitement and hope into our journey ahead.

We've gotten a lot of questions about what's next; where we are in the process.

And this is the hard part. We are in the waiting phase. And not the waiting phase everyone typically assumes when they hear of adoption. We aren't waiting on a child. We are waiting to BEGIN.

One area Andrew was very clear on being secure was the area of our finances. We got married young, had a child young, and added to our family quickly. We never really built up a nest egg, both of use paying for and working during college and then moving so quickly into marriage. We don't regret it. But we do know the role financial stress can play in a marriage. We've heard of the stress the adoption process, especially fostering to adopt, can add to a marriage and a family. We want to eliminate as much stress as possible.

So we wait. We work. We pray.

With each inquiry it has been hard for me. I wonder why we have this desire so strongly if now is a season of waiting. I wonder if we are even really equipped enough to be adding another person to our family. If I'm strong enough. If it will ever feel like the time is ready to take that next step.

I've been praying about all of this. About my doubts and insecurities. About God's plan and timing in this. About helping me to have faith and patience to wait on His perfect timing {because His timing IS always perfect.}

And like water to my thirsty soul, He gave me this thought.

Adoption isn't about how good I am. It's about how good HE is. And that's enough.

This journey is not about Andrew or I. It's not about our timing or our plan. It isn't about what we see as the next right child for our family.

God already knows. I believe he knows the age, gender, and time our next child will enter our family.

This season is absolutely about waiting. I'm to lean into who God is and what He's promised. My faith is to carry me through this season, however long it is. It is not my job to understand this journey, but to GO on this journey, wherever it leads.

This is the waiting phase. And I have complete trust that it is only a phase. The next part in our story.

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