Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Big 6

Oh my word...SIX! Six years since I got to experience for the first time the best role I've ever had the honor of having.

Hudson has taught me so so much! I have loved this last year especially! Seeing your kids really start to become their own person, getting sneak peeks into what's to come because of how they are being shaped and what they are learning now; it's humbling, cool, and so so fun.

Here are SIX things I love you about you, Hudson Andrew!

{O N E} 
You are a wonderful big brother. 
Being a big brother is a tough job. We expect a lot out of you. You were our first kiddo and so we learned a lot about this parenting thing with you. You saw our first successes but so many of our first failures. Because we've learned with you, I *think* we have learned a few things about parenting that we know better with your brothers. You are our support in making this family stick. You are patient with them, even when it is hard. You teach them so many things; not only what you are learning but through your actions they are learning how to be a good person. Even as we talk about growing our family, your questions, excitement, apprehensions--- they all point to what a wonderful big brother you are.

{T W O}
You are smart. 
You amaze us, little one! You are curious and inquisitive. You think differently, thoroughly, abstractly. You are learning and doing new things all the time that make us say, "WOW!" I know with that big mind you've been given God is going to use you for great things if you follow him. I pray you always ask questions, seek answers and truth and never limit yourself. 

{T H R E E}
You are hardworking. 
You try new things, Hudson. You started playing on a soccer team a year ahead and it has never intimidated you. No matter if the kids are bigger (sometimes MUCH bigger) you go right after the ball and work with your team. Seeing you practice for t-ball, or soccer...or learning to ride your bike without training wheels-- you don't give up. You want to do it right and you want to do it well. That hardworking attitude carries over to so many parts of your life and it makes me so proud. I hope you are never afraid to work hard for what you want; to put in the effort. 

{F O U R}
Your sense of humor. 
You crack us up lately. You are starting to become such a big boy that joking around with you has become even more fun. You are witty and quick. When you get tickled, your big, belly laugh makes us all join in! 

{F I V E}
Your love of Jesus. 
Oh this makes me so proud! I love that you love Jesus. You want to know more about Him. You love to learn His word and go to church. I love your questions about who He is and your faith (even though you sometimes ask me questions I don't really have the answer to). Your faith is so big and I pray that it continues to grow.

{S I X}
You are a great friend. 
You want everyone to be included. You are kind to others. You think about them and genuinely care. You make friends with ease and are accepting and inclusive.

We love you, Hudson Andrew! Happy 6th Birthday! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Hudson!! He sounds like such an incredible little boy!!


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