Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekend Recap: Birthday Edition

It was such a FUN weekend as we continued to celebrate Hudson with our family! The older I get the more I appreciate our close family and how much it has grown as we (siblings) all have gotten married and had kiddos together. 

On Friday, I was busy making Hudson's cake and Andrew was busy putting together Hudson's big birthday present. We had gotten him a big Star Wars figurine set for his birthday Wednesday as something to open but his BIG present was a trampoline. We couldn't wait for him to see it.

A nod to Star Wars Episode III when Anakin and Obi-Wan are fighting. We added dry ice under the top character to make it "smoke" since the cake was supposed to be the burning planet. 

That afternoon after Hudson got home, Andrew's best friend from high school stopped by and hung out for awhile. I made dinner and went to drop off some items that I had sold from our closet clean out and donated the rest. 

I made this chilli. I was nervous about not having any beans but the flavor was yummy and all the veggies gave it the heartiness I love about chilli. 

After dinner and baths, the boys and I were settling in for the night to play and hang out. Andrew has been itching to be outside so he invited our good friends down for a fire. Mind you, it was super windy and cold on Friday but these guys are all hunters so they layered up and didn't even care. Our friend, Matt, and his wife just had a baby a month and a half ago. His wife, Kim, was out with a friend so I got to spend some snuggle time with sweet Caroline and my boys while the dads were outside. A little later, some other good neighbor friends stopped by. My friend, Jenny, and two of her kiddos came in to play while her hubby joined the other dads, And Kim showed up too. 

I seriously love that we have such great friends that live just down the street. After they all left, I got the boys settled down for bed and since Andrew and Matt were still outside, I totally relished the me time and took a nice, hot shower and read before bed. 

Saturday morning was pretty lazy. We had a family breakfast and hung out. The boys played. I did some laundry. We picked up the house after lunch while the boys jumped on the trampoline for awhile. They didn't last too long since it was another windy, chilly day. 

Hudson's face cracks me up. 

Three little ducklings all in a row. 

Hudson's party was at two and all our family got to come. It was super simple. Playing with his cousins, presents, cake and ice cream, more play. Their giggles and squeals are the very best. 

Hudson wanted to wear his Jedi costume for the party because, "it is all Star Wars, Mom."

Sweet cousins.

I love this sweet face! 

Saturday evening after everyone left we picked up, had dinner and relaxed a little bit before bed. Our kids were so tired with all the fun and no nap. Gabe fell asleep within 2 minutes after putting him to bed. #sosweet 

Andrew and I vegged out and watched Girl on the Train. I loved that book so much. I liked the movie enough but will always love books more than the movie version. {Except for the Notebook. That movie was magic!}

Sunday we slept in a bit. Andrew had to drive to Oklahoma Sunday since he had an early meeting today. I serve in First Kids at our church every other Sunday during late service. So we spent the morning together before leaving for the day. 

After church, the boys and I took my mom to lunch after church. Her birthday is today so we wanted to spend some time to celebrate her. My boys seriously adore their Gammy. 

After lunch we went to Target. The boys needed to pick out their Valentine's for school and Beau wanted to look for a toy. He even had brought his own money. We didn't find it so it looks like Beau will be learning about the magic of Amazon later today. Ha! 

When we got home it was way past nap time and the day was beautiful so we changed and went out to play. We jumped and jumped and jumped. The boys thought their mama was pretty cool showing them some jumps and teaching them "crack the egg". 

We also went for a bike ride/walk to stretch our legs and soak up the sun. 

When we got home Hudson's friend from school and his dad pulled into our driveway. They had seen us walking and were gassing up their Polaris and Jordan suggested asking Hud to go for a ride. Well, of course the little boys didn't want to be left out. So the three boys took off with Jordan and his dad for a quick ride. They were too cool for school! 

We had a low key night after dinner and an early bed time since they were wiped after a busy weekend. 

We are definitely ready for Daddy to get home this week. 


  1. My son would have loved that birthday cake! And I'm super jealous of all your friends that you have as neighbors! We live in a neighborhood with all original owners and slowly they are moving out but not fast enough!!

  2. So glad Hudson had a fun party! That cake looks awesome! That's great that you have such close neighbors.


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