Tuesday, July 29, 2014

4th of July

This month has been JAM-PACKED so I am taking some time to rewind and catch up.  I really do hope my boys will look back on this blog and read about our family, their childhood and everything to come.  A virtual scrapbook, one without the glue, stickers, and typical mess that would probably send me over the edge!

The weekend of the 4th we headed up north to join my in-laws, as well as Andrew's brother's family for a weekend at the water park near starved rock.  It was about a three hour trip for us and we only stopped once for a quick bathroom break and snacks.  {I'd say that is pretty good for an 8 month pregnant woman and two toddlers}

We got in around lunch time and picnicked in a park before checking into our suite.  It was really like a condo with a full kitchen, an upper and lower floor, two bathrooms.  It was great because it allowed us all to be in one area so we had lots of family time.  We changed our kiddos {my nieces are stair-stepped with our boys: Lila- two months younger than Hudson and Paisley-about 2 weeks younger than Beau) into their swimsuits and headed towards the water park.

The lodge had this cute little train that picked up people that were staying in the condos versus the lodge attached to the park.  It was hit with our train loving boys.  The water park was also indoors which turned out to be a blessing because it was not typical 4th of July weather.  By the evenings it was chilly out, so I appreciated the water park being indoors and heated. :)

Our boys showed no fear and got right into the water.  I knew Hudson loved the water but oh my he has turned into quite the fish.  No fear! Went under water, didn't want anyone to hold his hand or get to close.  He wanted to swim on his own! Now, the child has never had swimming lessons and I use the term "swim" loosely but he sure was happy in the wave pool chest deep, trying to keep afloat! Beau didn't seem to mind the water either.  He liked to stay close to his mama but that is typical anywhere! Both boys loved the slide they had.  Beau developed a feet first on his belly technique and Hudson tried every which way possible; feet first, on his belly, face first-- he didn't care!

They water park featured slides for older kids too but ours weren't tall enough. There was also a lazy river and play area that featured sprayers and dump buckets.  Our boys played there for a few hours before heading back to our suite for dinner! They were definitely tired by the end of that day!

Saturday morning we got up and around to breakfast and made another trip to the water park.  I seriously think Hudson could have been there open to close.  Beau was ready for a break after a couple of hours. It worked out to be about lunch time so we headed back to feed our boys with the rest of the group who had already returned.  Beau went down for a nap and Hudson went with Andrew and Papa Sam to see Starved Rock. This mama sat in the sun and read the latest Nicholas Sparks book, The Longest Ride.  It was bliss, I tell you, bliss!!

As we prepped dinner, the kids played outside with bubbles, colored, did stickers.  It is so fun to have cousins so close in age! {We actually have it that way on both sides!} Then we headed for ice cream and set up to watch the fire works! I simply love fireworks and love experiencing them with our boys. It was fun to watch Hudson oooh and ahhh over the display of color in the sky! Beau seemed to like them too, except they both covered their ears during the finale! :)

The next morning we packed up the car after breakfast and headed home.  It was such a quick but fun little weekend away.  I am always grateful for time that we can be with our extended family; time that we can build memories and invest in our boys.  I know that these years will pass so quickly so I am completely ok with jamming in lots of fun even though it can be exhausting!

I was so bad about taking photos on this trip but we were in the water so much that I didn't want to mess with my camera or phone.  I just wanted to soak in the moments with my boys.  I did take a few...
Terrible lighting but the boys and I made Mix and Match Mama's Red, White and Blue Rice Krispie treats to take to share here

Near the lodge was an amusement park area. Super blurry but Hudson and Beau rode the slide (Beau with daddy)

Getting some ice cream 

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