Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Family of 4.5

Hello, dear friends!! I have been terrible about taking the time to sit down and blog but goodness it has been so busy at our house this month and this is no sign of things slowing down until baby arrives! I have been reading y'alls blogs when I get a chance.  I so love reading the blogs of others that I follow! They are fun and insightful and engaging! 

Anyway, I really need to go back to the weekend of the 4th and blog about our fun weekend away but that just seems like more work than I want to put into a post tonight if I'm being honest! 

So I will go ahead and share with you all some of my favorite photos from our family/maternity session last Saturday!

Family pictures typically make me a little anxious just because, well, I mean, we want great photos.  We want photos that capture our family and personalities, that show our love and that are just natural am I right? So I get anxious if the boys will cooperate, if the weather will be good, etc, etc.  Well, none of that this time.  One of my very closest friends is an AMAZING photographer and did our last set of family pictures (when I was pregnant with Beau).  She was out of commission for a bit, busy carrying and adjusting to life with triplets (she's a super mom y'all) but she is back behind the lens and I am so stinking thankful! My boys love her so they weren't too shy. And because I know her I didn't get bent out of shape when my boys weren't super cooperative every single second.  A relaxed shoot is just the way to go!

We met her Saturday evening to do some outdoor shots. I love it when pictures don't look to posed or formal.  I love beautiful lighting and backgrounds. And Teran has an eye for all things beautiful. 

So without further adieu, here are some of my favorite shots.  I can't wait for when baby G actually arrives to do some newborn shots and get our first photos are a family of five!!! Whoa--crazy! 

**If you are in the central IL/IL area and are looking for a photographer, I highly recommend TEP.  She is a beautiful person and has such a talent.  

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