Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Room Redo: Nursery #3

We are getting so close to meeting our newest edition.  Our third boy.  I can't believe we are having another boy but honestly, every day I think it is so fitting.  I adore being a mom to my boys and can't wait to see how this next one fits into our family.

The only downfall of three boys--is three boys! I struggled to decide what to do for a nursery.  We battled and racked our brains (and google) for name ideas.  It was just harder.  We did a really themed nursery for Hudson, a simple nursery for Beau (just really bedding and some wall decor).  For this baby, I decided I wanted decor and elements that were classic.  I knew the colors immediately.  We were using the same glider we used with our other two and we switched out Hudson's dresser to a different one.  So we bought a new crib to match the deep wood of the pieces we had.

We went with a blue grey {definitely came out more blue but I love it} for the walls.  It really warmed up the room.  I didn't want to really do a bedding set this time.  One- I just couldn't find one I liked in the color scheme I liked. And two- I just wanted it more simple, less fussy.  So I bought a bed skirt and lots of crib sheets in different patterns in our color scheme. The blanket is actually a really soft throw.  We also added a rug for a pop of color and pattern. I loved doing this.

I've always liked to think of our boys as little  men.  So when I was thinking of decor ideas, I wanted masculine elements but nothing too intense.

So without further adieu, here it is, our sweet boy's nursery!

As you walk in..

Still searching for a lamp shade. If you see a rusty orange one send it my way!
Also need to add more decor to the shelves. I am thinking a stats sign after he is born and maybe a piggy bank with his name since our other boys have them also. I also can't wait to fill that frame with a picture of my THREE boys!

I can't wait to rock sweet baby G in this spot!

This photo does not do the cuteness of it justice.  I seriously adore the painting we found of the lab. 

The soft throw and patterned sheets. 

Can you guess his name?  It obviously begins with G.

Gabe Samuel Bruce

We are so ready for our sweet boy to arrive!

Wood Frame- Hobby Lobby
Metal G - Hobby Lobby
Shelves - Hobby Lobby
Shelf Decor- various
Throw - Target
Pillow - Target
Sheet- Target (other sheets here and here)
Curtains- Target
Rug - Kohl's
Deer Head - Z Gallerie
Lab Painting - Etsy
boy sign- Etsy


  1. Love it all!! So chic & classic :) Plus I love the name Gabe too! He is going to be here very soon!

  2. Love it! I can't wait to see it in person!!


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