Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Reads

I have always loved reading but I feel like it is something that always gets put on the back burner. Until summer.  I don't know if it is the laying out, time in the car driving for weekends away, or just the fact that summer means I had time off work so could be a little more of a night owl.

This summer as been no different.  I have been reading lots. I am sure that I am way behind on many of my picks but that is just how it goes.  I don't have time to keep up on best-sellers when I am chasing toddlers. ;)

So here are my summer reads (in no particular order):

1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
    I know that everyone has raved about this book.  I liked it ok.  I wanted to like it so much more than I did because there was so much hype about this book (and now movie). I wanted the ending to be happier.  I am a sucker for happy endings.  I just felt like I wanted a little more closure and just didn't get it. 

2. The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks
   Nicholas Sparks is just an author that never disappoints.  He just gets how to write about relationships.  I just feel like he can write from a woman's perspective like no one else.  And always uses such class.  I love the way he developed each of the characters in this story.  I loved the background of each relationship.  It was a great read that I finished in about a day and a half. 

3. Fifteen Minutes by Karen Kingsbury
    Karen Kingsbury is an author I feel in love with through several series of books that followed a family through many different aspects of life.  She also has several stand alone books I love.  One reason I love her books is that she intertwines the characters and their trials with their faith.  She tells some really poignant stories.  This book was about a reality singing competition and how it changes the main character and his struggle to keep who he was in tact.  It was a really good read and made me think about what we as a society are willing to sacrifice.  

4. Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella
    I really wanted to like this book. I read the little snippet and thought it sounded really great.  And I liked the idea of the book, but I just couldn't really get into any of the characters.  It was ok.  I kept wanting more from the story or something more from the characters. Not sure. Just a bit of a let down. 

5. Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle
   This is one of my favorite reads so far this summer.  I had seen the title pop up on about a million different blogs I follow and had it on my list to read and I am SO GLAD I finally did! I read this book in its entirety during a car ride last month.  I was laughing out loud.  My husband actually kept saying he felt uncomfortable, like a third wheel, because I would start laughing so hard.  I read it feeling like I was having a drink with my best friend and she was just rehashing some funny tidbits of her day.  It is a must read for mamas! I think every mom can relate to some aspect of Melanie's story into motherhood!

6. Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers
   This is another book I could  not put down.  I love the way Francine Rivers develops her characters.  I love the depth they have.  I love how she writes about redemptive qualities.  I loved that this book took place in a different time.  I loved that the love story was such a reflection of God's love for us.  It reminded me of His grace for me, that no matter what my mistakes are, there is always His grace and forgiveness waiting for me if I want it.  It is such a great story.   

7. The One and Only by Emily Giffin
   I discovered Emily Giffin books a few summers ago and devoured every single book she had every written.  So it was a sad day when I had read all of her books and had to nurse my detox from her wit, her characters, the stories of love and trials.  When I heard she had a new book coming out, I may or may not have squealed and counted down the days until it's release.  This book did NOT disappoint.  Blame it on my love of the south, my love of football, or the fact that I think football coaches are attractive too, but I LOVED this book! I mean loved it.  The whole thing.  I read it so quickly, that I got mad at myself for not making it last longer.  But I couldn't put it down. 

So that is what I'm reading.  I mean--I was also reading Gone Girl until my Kindle bit the dust.  What have you been reading this summer?


  1. Love The Fault in Our Stars! Great book! I'll have to check some of these other ones out Bekah! I read The Antelope in the Living Room, but haven't read Melanie's other book. I love adding to my reading list!

  2. I had so many great plans to read this summer and I have yet to finish a single book! So sad. Fault In Our Stars is at the top of my list!


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