Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Recap: Just the two of us

I don't hate Mondays but sometimes do feel this way! Our weekend flew by! 

On Friday, after dinner, it was FINALLY not raining around here so we went a long family walk.  My boys love riding in our stroller and I just love that time to talk with Andrew about our day, hear the boys point out what they see.  We got home and the boys got their baths.  After that we made a treat for a movie.  It had been awhile since they had been in the kitchen with me but it was already after seven {our boys go to bed between 7:30-8:00} so we made a quick treat; puppy chow!  

Andrew finished his workout (he just stared P90x3 this past week) and we watched Heaven is for Real.  The boys didn't stay up for the whole movie. Andrew and I both really liked it.  It was one of those  movies that made me feel a little inadequate as a parent.  More because I hope I never take a moment with my children for granted; that I realize every moment is a gift and an opportunity to teach them and love them.  So perhaps inadequate is the wrong word; challenged may be more appropriate.

Saturday morning we had our typical routine of getting ready for the day and then headed to Springfield to meet my mom.  At the beginning of summer my mom had offered to take the boys for an overnight closer to our due date.  My parents knew that Andrew and I wouldn't have any alone time for awhile and also knew that maybe we would want to just catch up on things around the house {or on SLEEP!} Truth be told, I was so looking forward to this overnight but the minute they boys pulled away with Gammy I looked at Andrew and said, "I miss them already!"  Oh, motherhood! 

I didn't have time to dwell on them being gone.  Andrew and I ran errands.  I had some things I needed to return.  We went to Bath and Body for some wonderful fall candles.  Not all of my favorites were out yet but I got a good little start to my fall scent stash.  We ran to Target and Hobby Lobby and since we were in town around lunch time, we grabbed some sushi.  How I love sushi!! I have been craving it for months.  It is the only real craving I've had this whole pregnancy and we were not disappointed.  

We got back home and put away our items.  Then Andrew worked out I went out for a long walk. When I got back we just hung out. Our house seemed so quiet. It is in those quiet moments that I long for my boys.  In those moments, I know God is reminding me of why I love motherhood.  I wouldn't trade our chaotic, busy, rough days for quiet days.  I know they won't last forever; they won't be little forever.  

Since we didn't have the boys, we decided to head over to Hannibal to eat dinner.  {It was quite the day of eating out!} We went to a steak house called Drakes and it was so good! Andrew mentioned he almost didn't know what to do without having our boys to get settled in and order for.  It is amazing how our children become our lives.  We did enjoy our meal together, without interruptions and got to talk about some goals we have and really just focus on each other.  

I'm so thankful my parents took the boys.  It was such a gift to have that time before the baby comes and our world changes. 

On Sunday we slept in much later than I thought we would but I guess that happens when you never set an alarm because you normally have to littles laughing or calling from the next room.  We went for a walk together and got ready for the day.  We met my parents in Springfield to get our little guys and grabbed lunch together.

It was so good to get them back.  They had the best time with Gammy and Papa. The zoo, making treats, a new movie night.  I know they had a good time.  We had called the boys before bedtime and Hudson was telling us about his day and then said, "well I'm ready to watch Bolt now so I better get back to my movie.."  HA!

We spent our Sunday similar to our Friday.  We played outside, took a walk, and cuddled to a movie after bath. Our boys were so quiet when they went to bed.  They must have been exhausted from such a fun weekend.  

I hope you all had a great weekend too!! 


  1. That's awesome that y'all got to spend some one-on-one time together! I also craved sushi when I was pregnant!

  2. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend! It's hard when the little ones are gone, but sometimes you just need the time alone. :)


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