Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Recap: State Fair

Hello, Monday! I don't think I have ever been so excited to see a Monday roll around in all my life....well, at least not in the past 10 months! It is BABY WEEK, y'all! This little guy can come anytime he wants this week because we have officially checked everything off our summer bucket list with our trip to the State Fair this past weekend.

We have gone to the fair every summer since we had Hudson.  And every year I get more and more excited to go because the boys are older and can do more, take more in and get excited about different things.  I think every time we asked Hudson what his favorite part of the fair was he changed it to something else. So sweet!

Last year, we went right when the fair opened and loved that timing.  It was late morning so we lunched our way around the fair and planned to do the same this year.  Well, no such luck.  We live about an hour from the fair location and when we woke up Saturday, it was POURING! Beau kept saying, "It rain. Hard!" over and over as he looked out the window.  Andrew, being diligent as ever, checked the Doppler repeatedly, trying to figure out our best window to go.

So the morning was a bit lazy.  I did laundry and cleaned (shocking since that is all I feel like I've done this past week #nester) and we played and introduced our boys to Aladdin (woohoo) since it was showing on TV and, ummm, rain--what else were we going to do? We left a little after noon.  The boys slept on our drive over and we killed some time at Scheels before heading over to the fair grounds. It was raining but not too much and we waited in the car for about ten minutes before venturing out.  My mom, who met us at Scheels, had an umbrella and the boys' stroller had a covering but it was honestly just a sprinkle (and it ended about 10 minutes into our time at the fair).  We went to the Little Ag area first.  Our boys are such wanna-be farmers; I love it! They looked at the chicks and the farm tables.  Had it been nicer we would have done the Little Farmer walk-through but it was still raining so we stayed under the tent area and let them play a bit.

We left there and went to our first food stop: corn dogs, fries and lemon shake-ups! Our boys CHOWED (and so did the adults!).  Is there anything better than fair food? #idontthinkso

After our little "snack" we went to the rides area.  The big slide was closed due to the rain (really sad) but most of the other rides were all open.  I didn't have any thought that Beau would be hesitant.  He is our little daredevil.  He has no regard that he could get hurt or is high or anything like that.  Hudson on the other hand gave me a moments pause.  He is our boy, that when climbing at the park and realizing how high he is, freezes and doesn't go up or down, just calls for help.  Well, surprise, surprise, both boys loved doing everything! Hudson even rode this "octopus" ride with Andrew that tilted up and back down and their seat spun around the whole time.  He had the biggest smile on his face!

We walked to look at all the animals.  My boys thought that was great.  They loved them all and couldn't get sit still in the stroller, wanting closer, or out! It is in those moments that farm life appeals so much to me.  But then I remember all the work it takes to run a farm like that and I am not sure I am cut out for that.  Maybe when my three boys are older! ;)  We went to the area where you can milk a cow.  We tried this last year with Hudson and he wouldn't even go near the cow.  (I mean, honestly, those animals are HUGE!) This year, he went up to the cow, petted the cow, got really close to milking her, but then backed away. Bless the young boy's heart that was helping out at the time.  He was probably in high school but was so patient with Hudson, showing him how.  So sweet.  Beau petted the cow too but didn't get much past that! They sure enjoyed their free milk afterwards though!

Then we trekked it on over to Andrew's favorite part, Conservation World, but not before grabbing a funnel cake and mini donuts. I am not a fan of this part of the fair.  Our boys are a little small for the activities in this area and honestly, it is deer and fish.  Do you know my husband? We get a lot of that already.  But nonetheless, we made the journey and walked around.

Our last stop was of course, the dairy building with the famous "Butter Cow".  The boys got some ice cream there.  It was already almost 5:30 and this mama was winding down! So we headed back to our car and made the trek home. But first..pony rides.  Because you can't not do the pony rides!

We got back home, got baths and put our kiddos down around 8.  They were so tired! And so were Andrew and I! It was beautiful or sunny this year but it was cool and the rain held off! I am so glad we got to go and make some more memories with our boys before fall and all this change!

Happy Monday!

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  1. YAY for baby week!!! So glad the rain held mostly off for you guys and you are totally right -- there is nothing better than fair food! What I wouldn't give for a corn dog right now... yummmm!


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