Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Fun

I love Halloween.  Which is crazy because my family never really participated in Halloween when I was younger.  But I knew that when I had kids I wanted this little holiday to be full of fun, traditions, and just making memories.  I adore fall and think that Halloween is one of the best parts.  I HATE anything scary so we don't focus on that part..again, just the fun!

We are moving the weekend of Halloween this year so our entire house will be packed up.  But, Andrew and I will still be doing trick or treating and as much festive things that day. We won't be able to do everything but we will sure get in an activity, a treat, and a flick!

Here are some really fun ways to make Halloween special for your little:

{O N E | Themed Lunch}
I love making my kids meals special on holidays.  And thanks to Pinterest the ideas are endless! Here are just a few.

source: mummies/brooms/

{T W O | Craft}
We like to do lots of crafts at our house.  There are so many fun things to do with your kids no matter the age.  A few years ago we did the foot-print craft below.  But you paint pumpkins, make a stained glass pumpkin, create a candy corn man (I did this with my firsties when I taught).  I good craft is a really fun part of our day.

source via

{T H R E E | Activity}
Now that Hudson and Beau are older, I like to do activities with them to facilitate listening and learning.  This can be really simple.  The idea below can be tailored to your kids ages.  For example, I might make a pattern using candy and have Hudson re-create it, or take pieces away in the AB pattern and see if he can fill them in correctly. Then, with Beau, we may just sort the candies into like groups.   

{F O U R | Treat}
Themed treats are some of my favorite things to make.  The boys get so excited to get in the kitchen and bake with me (or really anyone who will have them!). So for the holidays I like to choose something we can make and share throughout the week.  This is a favorite of ours for sure!

{F I V E | Movie}
Every year, ABC plays It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  I am a sucker for Charlie Brown.  I just love the whole gang! After trick or treating, checking out their loot and choosing a piece, we change the boys into their Halloween pj's and sit down to watch this together.  

What are some ways you make Halloween fun for your little ones?


  1. These are such great ideas, especially the treats! Happy Tuesday, Bekah :)

  2. I love those cute ideas for children art and I could definitely gobble down a ton of that Monster Munch. It looks so yummy. Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Thanks!! The Monster Munch definitely has to be portioned out to us all! ;) Loved the link-up!! Can't wait til next time!


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